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Inauguration of the green space “off the tracks”

Inauguration of the green space “off the tracks”

The green space “Fory Day Binary” will open on Saturday, October 1 at 6:30 pm. The large Sant’Alessandro lawn in Monza is about to return to the action of the neighborhood: a large wooden “nest” welcomes the inhabitants, allowing them to meet, read and play.

“Off the track”

The space will open with an external screening of the participatory film that chronicles the development of the “Off the Tracks: Metropolitan Visions between Tripoli and Mogadishu” project. The project is sponsored by Ones Afrikabogo of Monza which, in addition to implementing development projects in rural villages in sub-Saharan Africa, promotes joint planning workshops between citizens and communities and Liberi Svincoli, an association based in Triuggio dealing with the territory of participatory cinema and community development. “The idea is to engage and revitalize people to take care of the public spaces in their area, making it livable and an opportunity to connect — he says Emilio Caravatithe scientific director of the project – we designed this place by sharing ideas with the community and we created it by bringing everyone’s skills together.”

team at work

In fact, starting in February, a team of architects, managers and facilitators set up several workshops to get to know the neighborhood and its residents and imagine what to do in the meadow between across Tripoli and across Mogadishu. The process has been resumed and told by the same participants turned video makers, thanks to PvCode’s now standardized method for participatory cinema. “The film tells about all the stages of the process and collects interviews with the participants and residents of the neighborhood – he explains. Christina Morellicreator with Carlo Concina The participatory video method – and the result is a fun documentary that shows how ideas, creativity, and skills can be shared for the benefit of society.”

Project “Out of the Bars”

Abandoned and closed by a gate, the renovated space is now equipped with 21 fruit trees, a large ring planted with sunflowers (scheduled to become a communal garden) and the “nest,” a circular space with seating for meeting and possibly planning the future of this green area. In fact, the idea is to give space to the residents to continue the work of arranging the lawn, for example creating an area for dogs or an area for children. The project implemented in Sant’Alessandro can also be replicated in other areas of the city,
Activating associations and citizens in different regions, identifying the places to be renewed, and starting the machine for workshops and participation. Off the Bars demonstrates how active citizenship processes can be activated, to restore interstitial spaces in neighborhoods and strengthen relationships between people.

project partners

Project partners are the Meta Social Cooperative, with Case Bussola, Auser Insieme San Rocco, and the cultural association tuboAperta, but many citizens and organizations that have contributed their time and actively participated.
Availability. In addition to the project and film participants, the relevant institutions will also be present at the opening. There is also a small group aperitif. The winning project was in the third edition of the “Creative Life Laboratory” call, which was promoted by the General Directorate of Contemporary Creativity at the Ministry of Culture to support projects aimed at redeveloping close spaces within urban areas.


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