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Sony should buy Warner Bros. games. , according to analyst Michael Pachter –

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There have been rumors recently about the possibility of this Warner Bros games Both are for sale according to market analyst Michael Butcher Will beParticularly suitable acquisition for SonyWho should try to move.

For some time, there has been talk about the possibility that Warner Bros. You intend to separate the gaming division to sell it, and usually, Microsoft It was considered the most suitable company for a maneuver of this size.

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Instead, Pachter sees it differently, with Sony that might be a better fit for such an acquisition, or at least an opportunity that might be a better fit for the latter than the other.

“I think if I were in Sony Clever“They should try to acquire Warner Bros. Interactive,” said a well-known market analyst at Wedbush Morgan. However, he also added a condition: “Warner Bros. would not be worth a huge expense if it did not also include the rights to exploit the DC Comics franchise,” otherwise the gambit could be very expensive and unprofitable.

“If there is no way to take advantage of Warner Bros. properties like The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and DC ComicsSo it wouldn’t make sense to buy Warner Bros., said Pachter. Interactive. “There are some very good brands, like Mortal Kombat and Injustice, but the latter also have DC characters.”

Therefore, the acquisition, according to Pachter, would be particularly relevant for Sony, but only if the famous licenses associated with the WB Interactive teams are included, otherwise it may not make sense. Only recently has the possibility emerged that Warner Bros. It plans to sell its development teams, while listening to Sony and Microsoft.

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