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Great Britain, a wave of resignations in the Conservative government but Boris Johnson continues: “We will continue our work”

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There are about thirty characters of different levels British government to be unload it protesting Johnson’s leadership. A devastated executive overwhelmed by scandals and left behind by two pieces of 90 pieces of closet Conservative Party. last in chronological order Michael Goveresponsible for the strategic portfolios for the resolution of regional inequality and a friend of the incumbent Prime Minister on the referendum campaign for Britain’s exit from the European Union 2016. Gove, who confirmed his support on Tuesday, said he believed Johnson should resign at this point, the newspaper . reported BBC. Another blow to Boris Johnson, who has already lost the support of the Secretary of the Treasury, Rishi Sunakthe owner of the economic policy and the second reality in the team, H Sajid JavedMinister of Health, former advisor and former head of the interior. In the past few hours, they were followed by other deputy ministers and agents who quit their posts, in fierce competition pogo after the past Sex scandal related to Chris Pinchsa member of the Conservative Party who was accused of owning it Touching two men in a private club in London It is promoted as cum whip Although other allegations of misconduct have been brought against him previously and Johnson was aware of them.

The resignation continued even during her intervention Boris Johnson In the board of the Public Reply to fiery Question time. The Prime Minister assured that the government would “continue” its work. “It is precisely when times are tough and the country is facing strains on the economy and the biggest war in Europe in 80 years that the government is expected to Keep working and don’t leave“And that’s what I will do,” Johnson repeated in the House of Commons. Regarding the latest scandal, the Prime Minister confirmed that Chris Pincher lost his job “as soon as I became aware of the allegations” of harassment against him. After leaving the courtroom, he greeted the prime minister with sarcasm.Bye Borisby parliamentarians Westminster. Meanwhile, Johnson, who is now considered doomed by the majority over the explosive resignation sweeping his government, once again hinted that he wants to try to resist during a bipartisan coordination hearing of House committee chairs. Commons. Put on questioning, Johnson anyway denied the possibility early political elections“I don’t think anyone wants them at this time” of the global crisis, he said. “I believe instead that we must move forward, serve the voters, and address the priorities that matter to them,” he added.

“The country deserves better,” the Under Secretary of the Treasury wrote, John Glenn In his resignation letter. The same tone for the ministries’ agents Joe Churchill (to the environment) e Stuart Andrew (to construction). “We can and must do better than that,” the deputy justice minister in charge of British prisons added in her letter. Victoria Atkinsunderscoring how “values ​​such as integrity, respect and professionalism” have been compromised in recent scandals.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson “will do lasting damage to the reputation of the Conservative Party if he remains in office”. This was stated by former British Health Secretary Sajid Javid in his resignation speech in the House of Commons. Then he urged other Tory colleagues to think in honest accents, arguing that The question is not just personal.but this has to do with “respect rules of law” by Conservative Party And with the need to form a majority ‘Reclaiming the confidence’ of the British people If he wants to win the next election as well. Previously, there were two other Conservative MPs, including the former pro-Brexit minister and former lead candidate. David Daviesmay have been advanced or renewed during question times Explicit calls for Johnson to resign. But the invitations were rejected by the prime minister, who privately addressed Davis to “thank him” for his frankness.

“How many ministers must resign before Johnson takes up his pen and writes his letter of resignation?” The Scottish National Party leader in Westminster said, Ian Blackford, during question time in the House of Commons. Controversy The opposition is clearly rocking it. “A person should have stepped down a long time ago,” the Labor leader said. Care Starmer. Then he attacked the Prime Minister for accusing him of promoting “A sexual predator‘, referring to Pincher, then to Other scandals like Party Gate. Starmer spoke of Johnson’s “pathetic behavior” when “the ship sinks and the rats run away,” noting his resignation to the Conservative Party executive and pointing the finger at “dishonesty” of the entire majority party.

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