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“A beautiful woman is an unrepeatable charm. I am still a pacifist, but we must defend ourselves and help Ukraine.”

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“I am a dinosaur and I am happy to be.” So, it’s surprising that she knows herself Richard Gere, 73 at the end of the month, a legendary career and always attractive looks. But he adds that he is “a Buddhist, pacifist, eager to spend as much time as possible with his children” who are three years old and the last three and two years old. Spanish wife Alejandra Silva Which also brought the fourth dowry, which she got from her ex-husband, which the actor loves and considers as his dowry. guest of honor catanzaro At the Magna Graecia Film Festival where she received the Golden Column to applause (“Italy is my second home”), Gear in a linen shirt, tan in contrast to her white hair, the usual Tibetan rosary on her left wrist, talking about cinema, career, war and religion while his film was a cult. An officer and a gentleman, whose 1982 show in the star system, is 40 years old.

Was it the turning point movie?

“No, the turning point of my career was the ‘Days of Heaven’ which opened the doors of cinema for me in 1978. I never imagined that the officer and the gentleman could be so successful, at that time I didn’t feel any better than the other actors. When director Taylor Hackford offered me The script, I asked him to make it more difficult and more realistic because it seemed so romantic. Then everyone liked the film, even Bernardo Bertolucci albeit with … a political reservation.”

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Bernardo told me he liked everything in the movie, except for the scene where the army enters the factory to the applause of the workers.

Have you ever thought about filming the sequel to Pretty Woman, your other big hit from 1990?

We talked about it with director Garry Marshall, but the project was never carried out, also due to the difficulty of finding the right story. This movie, which aroused recognition of many people, grew out of an unprogrammable charm, just like falling in love. ”

Will cinema die and be replaced by broadcasting?

“No one can predict the future and I myself, who consider myself a dinosaur and stayed home during the pandemic, don’t remember the last time I saw a movie in the hall. But Covid only sped up the change that was already underway. If anything, broadcasts could. It gives a very large audience to small independent films, but if the cinemas disappear completely, he will lose the sense of community. And it will be terrible.”

Aren’t you tempted to go straight?

“I have a reputation for being a pain in the ass on set, because I know so many things… I’ve never felt the need to go behind the camera because I’ve had a collaborative relationship with all the directors. Never say ‘no’, but today I don’t want to take my time away. about my children.

What does it mean for you, as a personal friend of the Dalai Lama, to be a Buddhist?

“I never expected anyone to be converted. Instead, I hope that every human being will achieve happiness by following his own path. And I pray that all the world’s religions are linked together in the name of a sense of community.”

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Richard Gere Sr. again at the age of seventy: Alejandra gave birth to a son

What are your thoughts on the current state of the world, overshadowed by the war in Ukraine?

I grew up after World War II, while nations were trying to rebuild themselves, and today there were millions of refugees who, as everyone knows, are very close to my heart. It was said: No more conflicts and violence. We saw how it went. Although I am completely peaceful, I believe that in the relative world we live in now we must defend ourselves and help Ukraine. I am also thinking of China, which has a far-reaching expansion plan…NATO and the European Union are the only two institutions currently pursuing the rule of law.”

In your opinion, what should be done to stop the escalation of violence?

“Surely do not hate the Russians, but treat them like children who are reminded vigorously that certain things cannot be done. The aggression against Ukraine united everyone against Putin: only what he did not want … to prevent a world war, in our free and democratic country, we must We elect leaders who have a sense of responsibility and are ready for the season of commitment and economic sacrifices.”

What is your state of mind today?

“I am glad that I started traveling again after the pandemic, and that one of the first destinations is beautiful Italy. Seeing so many people smiling opens my heart.”

What would change in his life if he could?

“Since I can’t, I don’t think about it. I’m happy with everything I’ve done, and I consider myself very lucky ».

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