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Alessandro Rossellini / “My first movie? My damned last life: My grandfather was Roberto…”

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First TV, albeit late in the evening, on Rai 3 for “Rossellinis”The documentary film directed by Alessandro Rossellini It was co-produced by B&B Films with Rai Cinema and which has been talked about a lot in recent months, especially in light of its official premiere in 35th International Critics Week the Venice Film Festival Nastro d’Argento won the award for Best Documentary Feature at Cinema. “Last bullshit in my life” It was introduced by the person in question who had his first real experience behind the camera at the age of 55.

the documentary, straight from the title, also refers to a subtle satirical vein and is ideally addressed to Alessandro, first-grandson of the great Roberto Rossellini, not only for his grandfather’s cinematic genius but also for his story And it’s not just an extended family But also an example of multiethnicism: self-irony is an important element of this documentary that traces a long and intense family story, especially remembering that young Rossellini himself decided to improvise as a director after his experience as a photographer and A past of drug addiction is now behind us. In short, as often happens in these cases, there is a kind of inner introspection to show to the audience but also a “family therapy” that takes place in front of the camera that not only shows Isabella Rossellini on screen, but also brings the unforgettable. Ingrid Bergman, Roberto torchAnd many other cool characters.

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Alessandro Rosselli, “With the title I take about an oversized title…”

Briefly, Entertain and even move, because the drama is always present even if it is young: “With the title I wanted to make fun of a nickname that has always been stressful for me,” Alessandro Rossellini frankly admitted that he tries to present above all his brilliant grandfather. Unprecedented aspects of private life, for the perfect big-screen family album of unpublished anecdotes, testimonials, and more. “All this was for me and my other grandchildren huge weight“To restore the faithful image of my greatness,” said my nephew who presented the documentary as a very personal attempt. Lovely and complicated family“.

“I’ve been there for years Family member to help and be rewarded,” he said recently during an interview with specialist portal HotCorn, referring not only to his past as a drug addict but also to the fact that he managed to put his family in front of the camera It was a “reciprocal gesture”. Not only this: “Through the documentary, I had a confirmation of my hypothesis, that is, we were all affected Who values ​​Grandpa RobertoReferring to his grandfather’s free spirit in all his life choices, he added, “We change partners, jobs, nations, cultures and religions like T-shirts (…) but maybe I was the only one in the family who showed flaws. And Weak points“.

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