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Everyone in Italy is really crazy about this

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A series that hits Netflix already has all the powers to become a true masterpiece: find out what it is, it has charmed all of Italy!

Since when Netflix In Italy, the whole vision of films and TV series has radically changed. It is certainly positive thanks to the potential offered by the TV production giant to crack piracy and illegal reproduction of various streams.

We recommend a TV series on Netflix that has already enchanted millions of Italians!

At the moment, the subscription cost is about 18/20 euros in our country, which is a monthly figure that guarantees a very wide selection of feature films, short films and real cinema works as well as TV series, teen dramas, documentaries and much more.

In short, thanks for Netflix We could really have a whole evening of relaxation, complete with popcorn and most recently, a chance to watch your favorite TV series with friends.

Recently added to our online catalog, A new TV series is driving everyone crazynot only children, but also adults who can’t help it but devour it. At the moment he is in third place out of the top ten NetflixBut what are we talking about?

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On Netflix, a TV series charms literally all of Italy: but what is it?

The series we want to talk about today is based on a novel that has become a bestseller and in fact, the streaming giant is not new to producing TV series based on books. Cinema has always been inspired by the best novels, not only for children, but also for adults, just think of them Harry PotterAnd the the Lord of the Rings Who won 11 Oscars, we got how 3 meters above the skyAnd the I’m sorry but I call you love And the I’m sorry but I want to marry you to Federico Moccia.

netflix tv series
Being 8 episodes only, you can organize a complete weekend immersion with the family!

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again is one Netflix seriesspecifically composed of 8 episodes lasting about 50 minutes, inspired by the bestseller of the same name Karen. M. McManusreleased in 2017, titled one of us is lying.

Remember when we recommended this TV series inspired to decorate your home? Well, today we talk to you instead of one of us is lying, to watch with our guys we are sure we will give you a lot of satisfaction. Without spoilers of course, the script is typical of American teen drama events, where we’ll live in college hallways full of school lockers and canteens.

It all begins when, during the hour of detention, He killed one of the boys who was waiting to finish his watch of punishment. From here a whole series of investigations will begin, which they will see as their heroes The other boys who were with the victim when he died. We will then discover many mysteries and, of course, as the plot unfolds, we will learn more about all the characters. Don’t miss it, organize a nice family dinner and hit the play button on the first episode!

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