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Diablo Immortal will not be launched in the Netherlands and Belgium for prize vaults, Blizzard confirms –

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Immortal Diablo Apparently It will not be released in Belgium and the NetherlandsThis appears to have been confirmed by Activision Blizzard, via the mouth of the communications director of the company responsible for that geographic area, who explained that the lack of exit was due to the presence of Prize money.

As it turned out earlier, prize money is absorbed into gambling in some countries, such as the Netherlands and Belgium, which is why Diablo Immortal cannot be marketed in this area, although the developers defended the in-app purchase model in its gameplay.

Unfortunately, players in the Netherlands and Belgium will not be able to install Diablo Immortal due to gambling restrictions Those in these countries”, reported the official subReddit, echoing the statement of Activision Blizzard’s Director of Communications to Benelux, who clarified that the lack of departure “has to do with the current operating conditions of the games in those countries.” “.

A spokesperson for the publisher also noted the risks of trying this Download the game from other countriesfor residents of the Netherlands and Belgium (using different accounts or VPNs, for example): “It’s still illegal to download the game from another country, like France. If you play it, you won’t be guaranteed to win,” he said.

In fact, we remember that the Belgian Gaming Commission voiced itself against loot boxes, or prize money, already in April 2018, with a special focus on FIFA Ultimate Team packages, and finally decided to ban games that contain these monetization systems.

As for the Netherlands, the issue is more complicated: the law does not provide for the complete removal of games with prizes, considering that the fine initially imposed on EA for FIFA Ultimate Team packs was later rescinded by a second ruling. However, it is possible that Activision Blizzard wanted to play it safe by eliminating any root problems in those countries.

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