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Android, your smartphone will soon be tracked at any time: here’s the news

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The big news will soon affect those who own an Android smartphone. But what is this? Let’s find out together.

Google is one of the realities that loves to keep up with the times and provide news to all its users to entertain themselves. search engine running on new technology Which is supposed to allow users to find their lost or stolen smartphone even if it is turned off.

Android smartphone news –

This feature will align Android smartphones with traceable iPhones and Apple devices, even if they are turned off. A novelty around which there is much discussion after the indiscretion revealed by 91Mobiles. It seems that this new function will take a name Pixel Power-off and can only be used by smartphones owned by Google. In fact, it seems that even today, the useful feature to find any lost or stolen smartphone requires a certain requirement, that the device is on or accessible. The condition that Apple is not very diverse.

Google’s Find My Device will soon be more comprehensive

Apple and Google offer specific features for Track the location of your devices, but Google is a little behind in this particular area. To find a device with Google technology, the device, location options, and Find My Device must be turned on. Also, it should be Visible on Google Play Services and you must be registered with a Google account.

All this significantly reduces the chances of finding a lost smartphone, especially if it is stolen. Google recently updated its app with a new design and now you can track the location of a smartphone with low battery but only if the user has enabled the appropriate option. Is this one A very important change of technology Which could turn the feature into something more usable than it is today.

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It will be easier to find a lost smartphone –

Google already talked about last year New tracking method for offline devices To the network, with the news from 91mobiles, which seems quite reliable given the new tracking tags that could be launched on the market. However, the company has never confirmed any news in this regard either regarding the new tracking technology or the new accessories. Therefore, we await the official news regarding this innovation that is definitely necessary, and that can give new enthusiasm to users of the American giant and the Android system.

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