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5 Christmas movies that never get tired

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orEach of us has a favorite Christmas movie. What takes us back to childhood, what we haven’t seen again in years but can read by heart, or what we put on our calendars is worse than a dentist appointment. We asked four of our authors to reveal their book to us Favorite Christmas movies. Here is the result.

Month January 1984 It is remembered as a month of great releases: in addition to your real birthday, one of the Christmas films par excellence has arrived in Italian cinemas: “armchair for two”. Since 1997 it has been broadcast on schedule on Italia1, generally on Christmas Eve, and every autumn a countdown is unleashed on its internet broadcast (here Find a custom Facebook profile). A few years later, in 1990, another movie was released that would become a great classic: “Mom, I missed the plane.”. But what is the recipe for the success of these two films?

We have to say it: first of all Mediaset Networks Business Strategy, which by broadcasting them every year automatically consecrated them in the imagination to the very symbols of the feasts. A fixed point that retains the audience from year to year “I love hearing the same story over and over again”As stated by the director of Italia 1 herself Laura Casarotto in a Interview. Secondly – the eternal and unchanging soul of the 80s-90s, ie Social salvation and business success thanks to one’s ingenuity and cunning. In fact, the success of two films of this type in Italy is no coincidence, in a “crafty” country that made its way, even without titles but with a lot of commitment and goodwill.

“armchair for two” It is a modern adaptation of “the prince and the poor” by Mark Twain, in the form of a funny, politically incorrect comedy. homeless cheater (Eddie MurphyHe finds himself living the life of a young Wall Street scion.Dan Aykroyd) because of the bet of two unscrupulous businessmen. The two scam victims unite to exact revenge, which strikes the greedy shark with their own weapon: the stock market they wanted to speculate on (for a detailed explanation of the ending, which we certainly didn’t understand when we fully understood it. They were kids). I read here).

“Mom, I missed the plane.” Instead, it shifts the focus from the world of adults to the world of children and tells about it David today versus Goliath. little boy (Macaulay Culkin) is accidentally forgotten at home while relatives are leaving for Paris. While enjoying his freedom, he senses the intentions of two clumsy thieves and sets a series of ingenious household traps. Meanwhile, the mother faces a daring journey to return to him (admit it, today you get to know more about the desperate and distracted mother than she does with little Kevin).

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In short, they are two films that deal, from very different points of view, with universal themes: Analysis of human nature and social injustice on the one hand, and the cunning of the young and the need to feel accepted within the family on the other hand. You’re afraid we’ll never get tired of hearing from each other, especially on Christmas Eve.

(Clara Bassani / “Armchair for Two” air Saturday 24 at 21.30 in Italia 1, “Mama I missed the plane” on Disney + and Friday 23 at 21.30 in Italia 1)

I hate cartoons and children’s movies. What a statement: I said so. When – in the classic tables of friends – the cartoons of our childhood begin to appear with growing nostalgia, I would like to run away. I also um not wait till i see all the classic disney movies with the kids. In short, a bad person. That’s why my favorite Christmas movie—in fact, the only one I ever envisioned—is “Snake relatives”Masterpiece Mario Monicelli 1992.

A real masterpiece, not in the sense trashy which ends today: A black comedy that perfectly depicted the cramps and weaknesses of an Italian family at the end of the last millennium, during the holidays. A typical birthday, which couldn’t be more typical. Festive, of course, but also corny and with a backdrop thick of melancholy and tension. Daughters-in-law who can’t stand, ugly gifts, bingo, kids who aren’t in commercials (today one yells at Expose the body For the fat girl, actually “With an ass that makes a boycott” As her mom says in the movie, she’s awesome Cynthia Lyon), the relatives gathered at the old country house of the grandparents, each with their own trifles and their own little peccadilloes. The group is poor world and kitsch Consisting of always-on TVs, dated windows, messy beds, horrible hallways, poorly lit hallways, and cluttered dining rooms: nothing “instagrammable,” unlike the show houses we see in drama Italians today.

From the network: “How sad”. Yes, “Parenti Serpenti” is a sad movie, but very liberating. very funny. Well written and performed. For those nearing forty, it’s also kind of Documentary about our childhood (If you had an idyllic childhood, that’s your problem.) It’s also very funny, with great, punchy dialogue, and a stratospheric cast (Alexander Haber!), figures etched to perfection. There are lines from the movie that I use in everyday life without anyone noticing: “You have fulfilled my wish” (When someone gives me an awesome gift), “genius is not” (talking about a really stupid person), “I buy one, but it’s good” (When I have to “justify” the cost of a cashmere sweater).

“Snake relatives”

«Snake relatives» is An ax strikes the compliance of which we are victims, with Monicelli’s evil. It takes and flips Italy’s most sacred values: the laid table (with the exquisite detail of a capitone escape), family, grandparents (poor grandparents!), and even Christmas. The ending, which I won’t reveal, is bone-chilling. That’s why, when someone mentions “The Grinch” or “Scrooge” as an antidote to Christmas absurdity, I laugh. Monicelli is needed, believe me.

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(Marina Marzoli / on YouTube)

Black videotape, the cap has been lost since time immemorial. I had to google a bit to find the title of the movie that has accompanied my Christmas holidays for years. “Mickey Mouse and the Magic of Christmas”1999 animated film produced by Walt Disney Television AnimationIt consists of three independent episodes. If I remember a little of the third story (there are two very romantic Mickeys and Minnies looking for the perfect gift) and certainly none of the second, I can recite the first by heart—accompanied by my sister’s rich voice.

the ring “Christmas day” See the supporters Here, here and here, Donald’s three grandchildren, waking up on Christmas morning and, without waiting for the arrival of relatives or reading greeting cards, hastily unpack their things. After an afternoon spent playing full time (even when the family gets together for Christmas carols), the kids wish: May it be Christmas every day. Here is the dream come true and the same scene repeats itself, once, twice, thrice. Presents under the tree, the arrival of Aunt Gertie (a cartoonish plump kiss dispenser), the sleigh ride.

Mickey Mouse and the Magic of Christmas

Predictably, the happiness of the first days soon turns to boredom: Qui, Quo and Qua realize that every day will be exactly the same as the first. In order to “change style,” they begin a series of mischiefs, such as catching an unfortunate “snow turkey” and replacing it with a stuffed turkey on the dinner tray. The cycle of time (finally) only stops when the protagonists decide to read the note that they haven’t bothered to look at the “first” December 25th, and they get it. Christmas is not only of gifts, but of the joy of being with family.

I can’t say, right now, why I loved “Mickey Mouse and the Magic of Christmas.” Certainly not for the inventive plot nor for its characters (although Qui, Quo and Qua had some tresses of ’90s revolutionaries…). however, The magic of the title made its way across the screen. As kids, my sister and I wished it was December 25th every day. Little, that Aunt Gertie who kissed her grandchildren reminded us of our paternal grandmother, who never lost heart in the face of our grimace. Or perhaps we gladly succumbed to the rhetoric of good feelings.

(Marialuisa Miraglia / Disney +)

We live in an age where good feelings are categorically forbidden. They are not cold. This is who. And the Christmas is the right moment for all those who want to demolish feelings. At Christmas, forgiveness becomes stark forgedSmiles, obviously forcedbecome emotive Pathetic. However, there are still many of us who sift through the Christmas shows in search of that legendary movie that brought us together in front of the TV with the whole family: “little lord” (Jack Gold, 1980), with its two iconic heroes Alec Guinness and “aristocrat” Ricky Schroeder. A nice Christmas injection of the affection we crave, but in complete secrecy. But what’s wrong with reminding us of that Childhood frankness can change the worldwhich The greatest gift we all want to receive is a dose of free and unselfish lovethat the family is valuable even when it is extended, and that the relationship between children and the elderly can only be good for both?

I well remember the dynamics that unleashed Little Lord. Mom, Dad, Grandma, and gruff Uncle Gino: all in front of the TV with a sigh, as if they were preparing for the inevitable torture, just to do me a favor. But then the movie started and Something was out of emotional control: “Grandfather, what is the lowest?”; Parasites, like Higgins: would rather live on alms than on honest labour.. I looked up to relatives and always threw everyone’s head trembling in contemptuous indignation. the climax It culminated in a cursing a lot A happy ending with rich and poor happily together around the lavish table of Dorincourt Castle. And this is where my childish perfidy began.

When everyone’s eyes were now unrelentingly clear, and the inhuman effort they took to maintain an impassive physiognomy became the funniest thing I ever saw, I was pointing my finger directly at him, Uncle GinoBrembano in one piece, few words and many grunts: “Uncle, are you crying?”. soft gnawing “Uncle, but look, you can see that you are crying.”. He grunted angry. “Look, uncle is crying.”. “Enough now, or you’ll grow one you feel.” (“Enough now or I’ll give you a slap that turns you around”). And so I remembered how basically soft my uncle was. Now Uncle Gino is gone, however I keep watching Little Lord with him, looking for a conveyance of hope in the fact that everything may change faster and faster, but there are things that will never change.just like Cedric’s tiny platinum blonde bob, perfect for every season and every social context, from the mean streets of Brooklyn to the courthouse of Dorincourt, starting with childhood where anything is possible.“puberty” Disappointed with the evidence of existence.

(Barbara Mazzolini / On Prime Video, Sky and NowTV)

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