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“Brother is on the run and is still armed” –

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Twenty-eight people were stabbed by two men: ten victims. Trudeau: horrific attack

One of them was found dead. The other, brother, is still on the run. So the massive hunt in the heart of Canada continues. For two days, the Red Jackets, the legendary police on horseback in the great North American state, were tracking killers in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba, an area the size of half of Europe.

Early Sunday morning, the two men stabbed several people within the James Smith Cree Nation — a First Nations reservation, as Canada’s Aboriginal communities are called — and in the nearby village of Weldon, Saskatchewan.

Ten people died and 18 were seriously injured. Horrific and horrific attacks – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented on Twitter -. I am thinking of those who have lost a loved one and who are injured.” Citizens in a large area surrounding the scene of the massacre were asked not to leave their homes, not to open the door to strangers, and not to give mobile trips.

after the massacre Most Wanted Damian Sanderson, 31, and Miles Sanderson, 30He survived in the Nissan Rouge. By noon, cameras had spotted her in the town of Regina, about 330 kilometers north of the reserve. On Monday evening, Damien was found dead.

All of Canada now continues to follow the escape of Miles, author of one of the bloodiest massacres in its modern history.

The reasons that led to the fatal insanity are still unknown. Indigenous leaders said it might be drug related. Canadian authorities are more cautious: “At this point, we believe that some of the victims were intentionally targeted and others were attacked indiscriminately,” said Rhonda Blackmore, the local commander of the Royal Horse Police.

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The James Smith Cree Nation, with a population of 3,400, mostly fishermen and farmers, declared a state of emergency and held a memorial service on September 30. Most of the dead were reportedly on the reserve, but the two killers stabbed to death at least two people — more than 70 and a young woman, and a mother of two — also in the nearby village of Weldon, which has a population of just 200.

“No one will sleep here again. They will be afraid to open the front door,” one of them, Robbie Works, told reporters. First Nations represent less than 5% of Canada’s population (about 38 million people) and typically suffer from the highest levels of poverty, unemployment, drug addiction and suicide .

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