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Ferrari, do you want to be excited? Listen to the sound of the new car is scary (video)

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Ferrari always knows how to impress its many fans, even if they outdid themselves in this case.

Ferrari is an exceptional car brand, certainly one of a kind and capable of epic feats from the moment its long, winding and magnificent rise from a small Italian company to the queen of the automotive world began. Dancing horse cars don’t always make even the most ardent of enthusiasts, or four-wheel enthusiasts, smile.


For example, when the Maranello-based company announced plans to build an SUV, many turned up their noses. So, he changed his mind. Rethink quickly, too. And we very well believe in it, look at it and consider it Ferrari Purosangue has had a huge impact on the car market.

In fact, even though she created an SUV, the redhead created a car that was in keeping with her philosophy and the unmistakable style that has always characterized her. The exclusivity and luxury of a vehicle are different than they were in the past, but they are both unusual and predictable. And even then, well, there was no shortage of sentiment.

The pure (blood) design is simply unique

Ferrari thoroughbred, a An elegant, luxurious, unique and distinctive SUV. A kind of work of art with four wheels five meters long and two wide. 1.5 meters high and 2000 kg in weight. On the one hand, a simply intimidating performance, but we’ll get to that shortly. New wheel arches are used to manage air flows, but also to generate a sense of lightness throughout the vehicle.

Ferrari Purusang March 11, 2023
Ferrari Purosangue

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There are two rear spoilers, the first is located at roof level, and the second is located on the edge of the rear hood to regulate aerodynamic flow and air pressure for high speeds. The rear doors are a real touch of sophistication: they open like a book and feature Purosangue style.

The aluminum alloy frame makes the car less heavy than it actually isAt least that’s the feeling the driver gets. As for lines, it’s a Ferrari through and through. Beautiful in appearance, elegant on the inside and sporty on the outside. It looks more like a fusion of a sports crossover and a sedan than an SUV. In short, a creature that perfectly embodies the style of the Italian brand par excellence. Enthusiasts really like it.

Ferrari Thoroughbred: Scary Shows and Scary Videos

However, Ferrari Purosangue’s charm is not only in graphics and aesthetics, but also in performance. All thanks to Naturally aspirated V12 engine, capable of releasing up to 725 horsepower at maximum powerwith power passing through the rear wheels and front axle.

The eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox makes the Ferrari engine even more powerful and exciting. Indeed, this SUV Capable of reaching 310 kilometers per hour at maximum performance; It can also go from 0 to 100 in about three seconds and from 0 to 200 in about ten.

A visual and audio testimony of what it can do is given by the editorial staff on the road Engine 1, with a really chilling video. In full Ferrari style, emotions never let you down, but they never let you down. Seeing well…and listening to every V12.

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