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Mirjana Trevisan “From a horror movie”: She sees spirits at home and talks to themselves

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Mirjana Trevisan scares the tenants of the house: she sees spirits and talks to herself. Horror video for women.

Mirjana Trevisan –

The situation in the house of Gf Vip 6 is very eventful: although the final is getting closer and closer, the program will end approximately in the middle of March, There is certainly no shortage of scandals.

At the forefront of course there is always the question of love between Alex Bailey and his wife Delia Doran and influencer Sulley Sorgewhich has made viewers of the show talk a lot for months.

Within the Gf’s house, however, the issues are not few: between quarrels, arguments, and love that arise. In fact, every day, through social media and daytime, fans attend ‘Fiboni’ days.

See Mirjana Trevisan the spirits

In the last few hours Disturbed an episode that happened in Mirjana Trevisan’s bedroom. In fact, the woman worried her fans and especially the tenants who were quick to ask her what was going on.

In fact, the showgirl started to speak alone in the middle of the night, awakening some of her comrades who had intervened frightened. Trevisan has disturbed the tenants, for whom Confess to seeing a soul.

mirjana He started talking to the ghost, who was the only one who could see it. The woman not only presented herself to the soul, but also asked him to go “peacefully” and leave the house.

He made another shocking statement to his comrades, especially Sophie Codegoni who was particularly interested in the topic. In fact, Mirjana said that she has a ‘talent’ and a ‘talent’. Diagnose the health status of people close to them.

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In the words of the showgirl He will be able to detect the disease people are suffering from just by looking at them In the face, which he can do even with tumors. On the other hand, she has defined herself many times, in the past, as “psychic”

A similar incident occurred last year, when other runners inside the house confirmed that they sensed a ghost or unknown identity near them. But no one touched on this subject.

Even in the first version of Gf Vip, a fishy presence was noticed in the house: it was Alicia McCurry to perceive the soul. On all occasions there was talk of the ghost of a thin, pointed woman. What do you think that?

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