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Review of the first two episodes of Commissioner Gamache: Mysteries at Three Pines, Sky On

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The Commissioner Gamache Mysteries in the Three Pines Review Series

Sky Investigation Continues to dye in yellow, and this time with a new product born from the pen Louis Penny, Commissioner Gamache: Mysteries in Three Pines. Produced by Sony, this series is coming to the small screen Alfred Molina Chief Inspector Gamache investigates the murders at Three Pines in French Canada.

Molina plays a shrewd detective with a gentle demeanor and a careful wink. Poirot Agatha Christie andHolmes By Arthur Conan Doyle. A sequel will be available from thisOn the 8th of January Exclusively on the sky And streamed on that day only Now.

Commissioner Gamache: Mysteries at Three Pines, Conspiracy

Commissioner Armand Gamache (Alfred Molina) sees things others don’t: light through the cracks, myth in the world, and evil that seems ordinary. A quality that is certainly useful for his career, but it causes an unpleasant “side effect”: suspicion, always and anyway, of others.

Because everyone has a secret. While investigating a series of murders in the picturesque town of Three Pines, Gamache uncovers some long-buried secrets and confronts some personal demons.

A slow whodunit

The general plot unfolds Two story structures Different thicknesses: The first can be defined as macro-line The story, thriller, is dominated by the mystery surrounding the tribal community and whose resolution will be given in the epilogue of the series. Second, the fine line, so yellow, is about cases of self-inflicted murders whose progression spans the time of two episodes. The plant Commissioner Gamache: Mysteries in Three Pines He tries to model himself by intertwining these two strands, and from the outset he appears to be based on simple, clear and occasionally useful writing.

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On the one hand, the mystery of the missing tribal women – specifically focused on eighteen-year-old Blue Two-Rivers – immediately picks up a fast pace that emotionally involves the viewer on the side of the episodes murder.Snow stormA charming whodunit gets lost in the standing feat, failing to keep a grip on the story.

What makes these first two episodes weak is that they are introductions to the series and, consequently, an introduction to characters who have yet to fully flesh themselves out and know themselves. Or the main protagonist, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, whose benevolent, very kind, generous and calm nature does not allow for the tight dynamics one would expect from a detective production.

Racial issue

At the end of two parts “Snow storm”, inspired, as is the case even today, the theme associated with the heavily punished lower castes. The actual value that the script contains Commissioner Gamache: Mysteries in Three Pines To be sought in Him Find out the difficulties of the little people, are often discriminated against and kept in the shadows, where no one can see them and, consequently, consider their needs. What strikes Kamachi more is the issue of Aboriginal women in Canada, who seem more interested in their plight than the woman killed at Three Pines.

desire Restore balance between species, guaranteeing them justice, seems to be his main objective, which turns into an obsession that turns into nightmares at night. Like any detective, he has his fixed point, while chaos reigns around him, and that fixed point becomes his compass, a disappearance that does not affect anyone, including the police. Gamache takes this case to heart, and even though it shouldn’t be his, he does Determined to overthrow a corrupt system, with the main objective of giving them a voice. A true voice among millions of silences.

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Finally, the first chapters Commissioner Gamache: Mysteries at Three Pines They lay the groundwork for a still budding plot whose very slow flowering is supposed to come to light only in the following episodes. Sam Donovan’s goal seems to be working in blocks, all connected by a single common thread, thus giving the impression of seeing. However, consecutive films are included in a serial production. The hope is that the following episodes break the detective genre as unflinchingly as its thriller counterpart.

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