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April 2022 Free Games Available –

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available me free games to Amazon Prime Gaming to April 2022, redeemable by all Amazon Prime subscribers. Among them, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion certainly stands out, but there are also other interesting scrolls. Let’s read the full list:

  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Game of the Year Edition
  • Plants vs. Game Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
  • Turnip boy commits tax evasion
  • Nanutal – Writing Records
  • 10,000 Doors House: Family Secrets
  • Monkey Island 2: Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge
  • pen and paper galaxy
  • Ascension Guild

We’re talking about free games because, basically, it’s an extra feature that’s offered to Amazon Prime subscribers, and it’s the most common form of access to the service. You can replace it with This pagewhere you can also find other free content of various live service games, and play them through the app Amazon Gamesor on the customer indicated in the individual game.

As already mentioned, the title of the month It’s definitely The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, in the Game of the Year edition that includes the two official expansions as well as all the DLCs, which, despite being old, is still an excellent adventure for all RPG fans. However, we like Monkey Island 2: Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge, the latest version for one of the most beautiful adventures and flicks ever.

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