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The TV movie is being filmed with Alessio Vasallo and Flavio Encina on fencing champion Paolo Pizzi.

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Filming of La stabata vincente, a television movie with the participation of Alessio Vassallo and Flavio Insinna on fencing champion Paolo Pizzi, began in Sicily.

In Catania, on the slopes of Etna, a movie was shot winning kickTV movie showing the true story of World Fencing Champion Paolo Pizzowith interpretation Alessio Vasalloand with Flavio Encina In the role of Pizzo’s father, Piero. Produced by Anele in collaboration with Rai Fiction, directed by Nicolas Campiotti It is sponsored by CONI and the Italian Fencing Federation. Freely inspired by the book “Winning Strike” From Paulo Pizzo And the Maurizio Nisita (Sperling & Kupfer) and writing Marco Videtta With the advice of Paolo Peso himself.

Winning Strike: A Story of Sports and Redemption

The movie that will be shown soon Rai 1, tells the perfect story of sport, redemption, perseverance and determination, because Paolo Pizzo, two-time world champion in the sword discipline (in 2011 and 2017, as well as a silver medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics), when he was only 14 years old had to face the most important challenge of his life against brain tumor The fight was also won thanks to the support and unconditional love of his father, a real life coach as well as his number one fencing mentor.

“There is no rhetoric in saying that the story of Paolo Pizzo is an example of the courage with which one confronts the difficulties of life and sport as a training ground for the competitive spirit that tests the self and the will to be reborn – and he declares Maria Pia like yourselfRai novel director. “For Rai Fiction, the story of the Sicilian swordsman is yet another intense and lively chapter of an editorial line that wants to re-propose protagonists in different disciplines – from cycling to athletics to fencing as in this case – leaving a testament of dedication and commitment that transcends individuality and expresses the values ​​that It affects everyone. I am proud to welcome the start of this fruitful adventure that sees us with Anele in search of high quality stories.”

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The film, which will travel after a week of shooting in Sicily to Rome, traces through flashbacks linked to his childhood the athletic and human history of the stubborn, exuberant and impulsive Paolo Pizzo, until his consecration as a world champion, on October 12, 2011, directly in Catania, after experiencing pains and disappointments Defeats, rivalries, rebirth and revenge. Willpower, perseverance and the ability to be reborn from difficulties by overturning all expectations: the allegory of Paolo Pezzo was an ideal opportunity for us to make our first production inextricably linked with the theme of sports, which has always been an area filled with typical stories of social and human salvation – confirms Gloria Giorganiand producer, CEO, and founder of Anele. “A story that also fits in Sicily is told in a valuable way, away from mafia-related and anti-mafia themes, as well as the perfect cradle of a passionate, indomitable and impulsive spirit like that of Peso.”

winning kick It is produced by Anele in association with Rai Fiction. A 100-minute television movie directed by Nicola Campotti and produced by Gloria Giorgani. Associated products Tore Sansonetti and Carlotta Schininà. Rai producer Vania Petrucci.

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