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Michael J. Fox tells what he did to hide the disease: “I took pills like candy.”

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Michael J Fox He returned with open hearts to talk about Parkinson’s disease, a disease he has now been forced to live with for three decades, and how this in its early stages led him to seek solace in alcohol and drug abuse.

star life Back to the future It is at the heart of the long-awaited documentary Still: A Michael J. Fox FilmFriday night at the Sundance Film Festival. Here Fox reveals and retraces the events and the relationship with the disease that struck him in 1991, and narrates fight depression It was carried over in the following years. In a specific paragraph, the actor confirmed how he was taken during that period.Pills like candyLater, we investigated the psychological mechanisms behind this violation:

«Therapeutic value and convenience…neither of those were the real reasons I took these pills. There was only one reason: to hide. You have become adept at manipulation Take drugs In order to reach the peak at exactly the exact time and in the expected manner».

The diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease was especially traumatic, especially after doctors confirmed how There was no way to recover. Which prompted him to devote himself more and more to alcohol: «I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know what would happen. What if I could only have four glasses of wine and maybe one syringe? I was definitely an alcoholic. But I haven’t been drinking for 30 years».

Fox later credits him Back to sobriety For the support he received from his wife, Tracy Pollan, and their four children. However remember well Difficulties encountered in the early yearsduring which to distract himself from the new situation he tried to work Travel as much as possible:

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«As much as alcohol hurts me now, withdrawal will only make me less. I can no longer escape from myself. You can’t pretend you don’t have Parkinson’s when you’re home alone. On the other hand, if I’m traveling around the world, I find myself dealing with other people who don’t know about my condition. […] As far as I’m concerned, the worst thing is coercion. The worst thing is being trapped and not being able to get out. In the early days there were many moments where I repeated myself’There is no way out of all this».

Still: A Michael J. Fox Film Directed by the director David GuggenheimAlready an Academy Award winner Inconvenient fact 2006, which accompanies Michael J. Fox in the story of his daily life.

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