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Live, “Encanto”, the 60th film by Walt Disney Animation Studios

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the New TIMVISION Spot That this Christmas brings magic CharmWalt ., the 60th animated feature film Disney Animation studios.

The campaign, which features a claim “With TIMVISION YOU CAN HAVE EVERYTHING,” is for the wide range of content available on the TIM streaming platform that offers Disney+, Netflix, and all football and sports from Dazn and Infinity+ too as TIMVISION includes thousands of movies, TV series, and original products. and sporting events.

Nilo spot A bundle of fibers surrounds a suggestive apartment complex, enters the house, touches the TIMVISION box and transforms into a series of golden and luminous particles that carry the scenes within the film Charm Then wrap the house and make it magical.

The dynamic scenes follow each other in an alternation of moving and real images as the family, in a warm Christmas atmosphere, intends to finish the Christmas tree decorations.

The shot moves within the tree to show decoration details such as the precious diamond representing all the entertainment available on TIMVISION.

The campaign is broadcast on major national broadcasters at 15″, via digital strategy with video and social networks.

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