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155 countries in the world where gasoline costs less than Italy

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The price of gasoline, as well as the price of diesel, LPG and natural gas for cars, is under pressure due to the barrage of increases that make life really difficult not only for vehicle owners, but also – indirectly – for the whole of society in relation to the upward push given to the prices of goods transported by road. To explain these increases, we use a combination of the slow and unforgiving upward trajectory taken last year after the pandemic- and emergency-imposed pauses of the conflict that erupted on Europe’s eastern front. With regard to the second point, the shadow of speculation is very large because at the moment there is no ban or even a decrease in the supply of gas and oil, and the increase in wholesale prices does not justify the increase recorded in gasoline stations, with gasoline touched in some cases Share 2.5 euros per liter. In contrast, what is the price of the pump in other countries? We have compared gasoline prices in 170 countries around the world, up-to-date, last March 7, at Absolute data which, obviously, must be contextualized in the socio-economic situation of each individual country, per capita income and Local Excise Fee that weighs down on fuel. Moreover, we should not forget that the final price is affected by the exchange rate: oil is traded in dollars, and the relationship of the dollar with the currencies of individual countries plays a role in the pumping rate.

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