September 23, 2023

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Sky: space and vision in Catania SSD in the coming weeks?

Sky: space and vision in Catania SSD in the coming weeks?

Some time ago Peppe Di Stefano, a journalist from Catania and a well-known face of Sky Sport, spoke into microphones Telecolor He had revealed that he was studying the possibility of organizing a live broadcast on Sky with reference to the Serie A championship and in particular the replay of football on the slopes of Etna with the arrival of Rosario Pellegra and the founding of Catania. SSD. We will see if in the coming weeks it is really possible to give space and visibility to the Rosazurri on the well-known national television platform.

We summarize the statements made by Peppe Di Stefano on this subject: “I’ve been talking to some of my service directors about the possibility of having a day live on Sky, giving space and visibility to the Serie D championship and this phenomenon called Catania, where you can find high-profile people. Cara, Grilla, Biaggiante, Lodi, Di Luca are all people that people know.”

“The recognition of a Catania product depends on the strength of ideas and their names, which count at a certain point. Because today the pride of being from Catania is also when you see Lodi wearing the number 10 jersey, Biagenti supporting the directors, Grella who left an important project to come to Catania. I hope soon one day I will be able to live in Catania for a live broadcast.

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