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Lamezia, “Science Festival” concludes at Galilee High School: many guests and events

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Lamezia Terme – “A festive atmosphere reigns in the Galilei Scientific High School this week. And not only because of the impending Christmas holidays: the now famous Science Festival has started since Monday, December 19th. A great series of events, appointments and initiatives aimed not only at high school students and their families, But absolutely those who wish to participate and thus assert themselves as a true cultural reference point on an annual basis for the region of Lamezia “is what we read in the note

A beautiful event that concludes the 7th edition of the Galilee High School Science Festival, hosted by the award-winning writer Giuseppe Lupo, who presents his latest work entitled “The Tobacco Clan” to some third and fourth year students: the story of a group of friends from their university years, who meet after a while , to remember the tenderness and joy of the life experiences, lived at a certain historical moment, ”we read in the note. The meeting with the author—they specify—opened with the greeting of the principal, Professor Teresa Goffredo, who, at the beginning of the work, introduces the welcoming guest as “a great friend of Galilee High School.” At each meeting, which brings them closer to reading. Various passages from the book are selected and read by a particularly attentive audience, some touching, some entertaining.”

“Many of the questions the boys asked, which the writer answered, made them think about the meaning of friendship, love, and the human and emotional dimension that characterizes existence. Lobo’s message was also strong in that life contains a message that is not always clear, and which even science cannot provide the answers that The meeting was coordinated – and concluded – by Professor Myriam Roca who stressed the writer’s ability to narrate historical memory through the “nostalgic memory” of her characters. The event was then concluded with the handing over by the Principal and Professor Monica Pascozzi to Professor Lobo some tributes depicting the school high school “.

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Among the many scheduled meetings, during the afternoon of yesterday, Tuesday, December 20, the Principal Teresa Goffredo greeted with the third year students Beira Messina, author of The Girl With Silky Skin (2019) and main pennant for the blog, founded by Giuseppe Di Nicola, who also spoke via video conferencing. Piera Messinese showed the students an important and original activity, valid as a PCTO (Percorso per le Competenze Transversali), based on creative writing. “In a world dominated by speed, the virtual world and consoles, whether it is a computer or a smartphone, as Giuseppe De Nicola emphasized, it is of paramount importance to rediscover time and beauty, to write with pen and paper, giving free space to imagination and creativity. Students who wish to seize this invitation will be able From participating in a creative writing workshop offered by the institute and watching the fruits of their labors published on the blog. Who knows, maybe, for some of them, a ‘simple’ school activity does not prove to be an opportunity to discover a literary career.


“The fifth graders – they add – also met Dr. Paolo Macro, a world-famous thoracic surgeon. The conference, which represented the second stage of a project carried out to direct and leave the second career field, in the personnel of the two professors. Veltri was created, thanks to the insight of the director of the institute, Teresa Goffredo, To facilitate student orientation at the university, and the meeting allowed students to understand the difficulties, commitment, and passion needed to try their hand at the medical profession. The history of one of the favorites of students leaving Galilee High School. The doctor, who boasts a remarkable career in the branch of minimally invasive thoracic surgery, has recently been the protagonist. In the single-gated thoracic robotic experiment performed with Dr. Diego González Rivas, he was able to range from the traditional approach to the most cutting edge surgery, excite the listeners.”

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Of great importance, they specified, is the discussion concerning the ethical aspect of the medical profession, which undoubtedly involves important sacrifices in the sphere of private emotions, as well as a strong sense of responsibility towards patients, who, as noted by the physician, are always the center of thoughts even outside the hospital, It was exciting to observe the doctor’s passion in dealing with issues so dear to him, but above all startling and moving was reading a letter from a rescued former patient and mentioning the deceased mother as the main driver of his professional commitment.The professionalism and emotions conveyed by the doctor certainly facilitated the selection of the boys and helped In painting a picture of a profession that is certainly rewarding, but one that requires the feeling of absolute devotion to the patient and his needs on the part of those who decide to do so, the thought felt by all high school students goes to Dr. Macro and to the meeting organizers.”

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