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Ukraine’s counterattack in the Kharkiv region: “Kobyansk is liberated, Kyiv forces enter Izyum.” Velorosi: “It’s a very difficult situation”

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continue counterattack Ukraine in the region Kharkiv. And today, September 10, the Kyiv army announced that it had achieved several successes on the ground: they announced that they had been released. KobyanskIt is a major supply city for Moscow’s forces. According to the Moscow State News Agency, RIA NovostiThe Russian authorities in Kobyansk “remain in the city despite the constant bombardment, while it continues.” depopulationThe same operations also began in Shevchenkovo And the in a minority. In addition, the Ukrainian forces announced that After I entered IseumAfter forcing the Russians to withdraw: “We have just begun to evacuate the city. The first military units have arrived CNN An officer involved in the operation to liberate the strategic eastern city. Izyum, located on the border between the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions, was under Russian occupation for more than 5 months. A spokesman for the Bohon Brigade of the Ukrainian Ground Forces said, “The Russians fled, leaving behind weapons and ammunition. The city center is free.” Videos of Ukrainian troops in front of the Izium cartel have been posted on Telegram. There is also a comment from the mayor, Vladimir Matsukin: “It cannot be said that the military operation to liberate Izyum is over, but our armed forces are working.” Then he added, “Our blue and yellow flag is already flying. It has been confirmed.” In the last few hours, Kyiv Deputy Defense Minister said, Hanna MaliarHe said that the Ukrainian forces had taken full control of the city of Balaklia. Meanwhile, Moscow-based officials in the Kharkiv region have called on residents of areas previously under their control to flee in the face of advancing Ukrainian forces. “I recommend once again that all residents of the Kharkiv region leave the region to protect their lives and health,” said the head of the military administration appointed by Russia Today. Vitaly Ganchevquoted tax.

The Ukrainian operation, which began on September 6, aims to regain lost ground the Northeast from the country. The Russian advance, as revealed by British intelligence through the Twitter profile of the English Ministry of Defense, will find itself smashed towards the border line. Soldiers Kyiv They managed to hack even 50 km In the territories it formerly controlled RussiaThe president announces Volodymyr ZelenskyThe forces regained control of more than thirty towns and villages in the area. At the center of the battle are cities now Kobyansk And the isiumboth south of Kharkiv.

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Russian forces around Izyum – Kyiv says – are becoming increasingly isolated and struggling, to the point where many are already on the run. Even pro-Russians admit Serious difficulties in the field: The situation is very difficult. During the past two weeks, the city was subjected to continuous bombardment by the Ukrainian forces with foreign ammunition (rocket launchers). himars and (howitzers) M777 155 mm caused destruction and a large number of dead and wounded”, explained the head of the pro-Russian Izium administration, Vladimir Sokolov. While Kupiansk announced on Telegram Natalia PopovaAdviser to the Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council, was recaptured: “Kobiansk is Ukrainian! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Declare the defeat of Moscow an important step forward for Kiev.

The Moscow Defense Ministry is trying to reduce the volume of information circulated in the past few hours, saying, “Russian forces are reorganizing themselves Near Balaklia and Izyum to increase efforts in the direction of Donetsk, in order to achieve the goals of the special military operation to liberate Donbass. To this end, a three-day operation was carried out for the deportation and the new organized deployment of troops in Izyum Balaklya in the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic. ”

around the area Kharkiv Bombing continues: 62-year-old woman died overnight, reveals Government emergency serviceWhich explains how “the enemy hit the area again with missiles at night. And in the settlement of Nova Vodolaha, a private house was hit and seriously damaged. ” Since the beginning of the conflict, the Ukrainian army has reported the deaths of about 52,250 Russian soldiers.

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Also in the area KhersonIn the South In Ukraine, Kyiv soldiers carry out the counterattack. In order not to lose ground, the Russian government sent 1,300 soldiers Chechnya in the region. At least that’s what he says Kyiv IndependentAfter a statement issued by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Sent troops will be part of Kadyrovtsya paramilitary militia very close to the Chechen leader Ramzan KadyrovVery loyal to Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, the Berlin Foreign Minister arrived in Kyiv this morning, Annala Barbuk. The goal, the minister explains, is to show that “we will continue to support Ukraine as long as necessary with the delivery of arms, with humanitarian and financial support.” This is Barbuk’s second visit to Ukraine after the start of the conflict, where he will meet with the foreign minister of Kyiv. Dmitro Koleba.

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