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15,000 will leave the country by 2022 –

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From Marco Amarisio

Most popular destinations: United Arab Emirates, followed by Malta, Monaco and even Mauritius

Whoever can, go away. that is the true. Not only young professionals in the technology sectors are doing this, exodus
Between seventy thousand and one hundred thousand units, she was forced to leave the country due to the lack of any prospect in increasingly autonomous Russia. Even the rich are leaving. And we’re not talking about the famous now but at the moment irrelevant oligarchs, An opposite force has so far made itself felt only by some isolated complaints about the loss of yachts and property offshore. But among that category of wealthy or affluent people we define for our part as media entrepreneurship.

It should be noted that the source is not among the sources mentioned above. English agency Henley & Partners, which according to guardian He invented citizenship planning business from scratch, i.e. he also advises the government on the best way and place to open his headquarters to get tax breaks and various benefits, he published. Its annual report on the emigration of the wealthy from all over the world. The life of Russian millionaires looks a lot like a mass exodus. By 2022, at least 15,000 wealthy people will leave the country, a definition accessible with at least $1 million in assets, A number that in turn represents 15 percent of the total category. This is not an absolute fad. Over the past decade, the number of luxury expats has always been on the rise. Now, it’s a real mass departure. The most popular destinations are the United Arab Emirates, followed by Malta, Monaco and even Mauritius. The authors of the file note, “historically”, that “the collapse of large states is preceded by a sharp acceleration of farewells to the rich who are often the first to leave.”

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War hurts everyone, not to mention those who suffer from it personally. Russia more news, But even in 2022, Ukraine will lose its fortunes like never before, for obvious reasons. The estimate is a farewell of 2,200 rich people, which is equivalent to 42 percent of the rich, and no one has ever recorded such a number. It is difficult to know whether these goodbyes are temporary or permanent. What seems certain, in the Russian case, is the explosive growth of its citizens who have applied for citizenship abroad. Inaccessible to the USA and UK, the locations most in demand to move business or apply for residency inevitably become those of the Baltic states and other neighboring countries like Georgia or Armenia. Prospects shrink.

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