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Duration and time reduction

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How Long Can Revenue Agency Controls Be Extended? How can time be reduced? Let’s see together.

L ‘Agency Enter Can continue to control citizens for one Duration Based on the type of checks. For example, documents related to a tax return must be kept for five years after the income form is submitted or a different letter 730 if the taxpayer does not file the tax return: in this case, the revenue agency can go back 8 years.

However, there is a way to obtain a reduction in the evaluation conditions, as specified by Reply to Question No. 404 posted on August 2 by the Revenue Agency.

Revenue Agency Controls: Cut Appraisal Times

2800 Revenue Agency

to create a perimeter Reducing evaluation terms It is Article 3 of Legislative Decree No. 127 for the year 2015 The reduction that can be obtained for a period of two years and applies to:

Only to the taxable persons referred to in Article 1 who guarantee, in the manner established by a decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance, the possibility of tracking payments received and executed in connection with transactions exceeding 500 euros. And the reduction, in no case, does not apply to persons who also carry out the operations referred to in Article 22 of the Decree of the President of the Republic of October 26, 1972, n. 633, unless they have exercised the option referred to in Article 2, paragraph 1, of this Decree.

The Ministerial Resolution August 4, 2016In implementation of the provisions of Article 3 of Legislative Decree No. 127 of 2015 – in Article 3, Paragraph 1, it states that in order to receive a reduction in the two-year evaluation period, persons must pay and receive payments through:

  • bank or postal transfer;
  • debit card or credit card;
  • A bank, round or postal check bearing a non-transferability clause.
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Reduced revenue agency controls thanks to traceable payments

revenue agency

In the answer to question No. (7). 404 August 2, the revenue agency determines that it is possible to accept Termination reductionwhen:

The taxpayer makes and receives payments using instruments that are not entirely “different”, since they are in any case identical to those mentioned in Article 3 of the Executive Decree, since they meet the same traceability requirements.

This means that the doors to reducing tax audit conditions also open in the case of payments made through:

  • usuryBank Receipt: It is a financial instrument used to conduct business and through which the creditor declares that he is entitled to obtain from the debtor an amount of money to settle an invoice;
  • Mars Ascent Vehicle (With Notice): It is a standard inter-bank collection procedure by way of a prospectus containing the information necessary for the creditor’s bank (the presumed bank) and the creditor itself to settle the payments. The creditor’s bank sends a notice by means of a prospectus to the debtor who uses it to make a payment at any credit institution (collecting bank). The bank receiving the payment acknowledges the amount to the creditor bank through the appropriate electronic interbank procedure.

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