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14 new artworks showing planets, spaceships and many more beautiful places –

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Bethesda recently released a new video dedicated to starfield. Thanks to that, we can also see a number of 14 artwork based on the game. Now, you can comfortably see them above, in our gallery.

The artworks around the galaxy we’ll be moving in take us on our Starfield adventure. We can see spaceships, planets and different places. For example, we can see, also in the image below, a file Freestar Collective Base, better known as Akila, who approaches the universe as a kind of “western frontier”. However, on the wall we could see the symbol of the Pirates of the Crimson Fleet. We do not know if Akila will have to be freed from these pirates or if, on the contrary, she will be conquered during the game.

Freestar Collective Base in Starfield

If you want to see a file Pirates of the Crimson Fleet, see the image below. It’s a gang of evil pirates that we can also join (and then betray, why not).

Starfield Crimson Fleet Pirates
Starfield Crimson Fleet Pirates

We can then also see a file ryujin industries, a huge corporation with cyberpunk-inspired cities. It will also be possible to work for the company. Below we suggest artwork showing one of the environments associated with this species.

Starfield's Ryujin Industries
Starfield’s Ryujin Industries

Starfield seems to focus on diversity, but remember that these are just works of art: we’ll have to see in the full game how everything will be presented. In the meantime, you can watch the latest video dedicated to Starfield.

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