April 24, 2024

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Chile, mistakenly receives salary 330, quits and runs away: Wanted

Chile, mistakenly receives salary 330, quits and runs away: Wanted

The miracle of piezo multiplication has come true. At the end of the month, a Chilean worker who got his bread through sweating at a meat, ham and cured meat center had to pay the equivalent of 500 euros in Italy. But fate had more meat on the fire: suddenly, at his expense, they appeared 165 million pesos. The company made a big mistake: it paid him 330 times his salary. A number he would have 27 years. And since wealth is above all sufficient for itself, man decided to earn for himself what he had (he had from heaven). Leave everything (except money).

He can choose honesty, and return to the company the huge amount that ended up in his account in error. or. He chose the second way, the escape route. He informed the company of the mistake first by promising to go and write off the money to return it. Instead, he went to his bank branch and picked it up, because it was better to run away with full pockets than to pay the bills. He hurriedly sent a letter of resignation, collected his things and disappeared into thin air. There is no longer any trace of him. He has been convicted of embezzlement and the police are looking for him everywhere but to no avail. But for someone who has worked pork all his life, it was not difficult to leave everyone like salami.

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