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10 cities the best Christmas movies were destined to visit once in a lifetime

10 cities the best Christmas movies were destined to visit once in a lifetime

What we propose is a kind of really unique arrangement: the ten most beautiful cities in which Christmas movies were filmed, whether classic or otherwise, which we highly recommend visiting in order to experience a magical atmosphere that can immerse tourists in a specific scenario, as well as to enjoy the magic of Christmas in all its wonderful aspects for the little ones And adults.

Homepage of “Mum I missed the plane” (ph credit movieplayer.it)

“Christmas Town Movies”: What They Are

Our journey begins Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania, USA, where in 1983 they shot “An Armchair for Two”, one of the most classic Christmas films. a hero’s house, Lewiswas found in Delancey’s placeIn the old town affiliate city. Then we move abroad, to the English capital, to London, where, among other things, they filmed “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, with the protagonist living in an apartment at No. 8 of Bidal Streetin the area neighborhood market. In this kind of rating it certainly can not be missing Chicago And Kevin, the protagonist of the novel “My Mom Missed the Plane,” resides with his McCallister family at 671 Lincoln Avenue in WinnetkaAnd the Illinois.

remain in the states there too Los Angeles, where the film “Love Never Goes on Vacation” and another cult film “A Promise is a Promise” were filmed. The order that also sees two city Italian: Milanin which the trio of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo are the protagonists of “La banda dei Santa Claus” and Sulmona This with what is amazing old town Provided the setting for the movie “Snake Relatives”. The United States dominates the ranking with CNY One of his famous works is “Miracle on 34th Street”, a super Christmas classic. Another US-Canadian film is “Escape from Christmas” and finally there Thayer City in Connecticut, Missouri with “La neve nel Cuore” always in the US.

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