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Hockey: Forte dei Marmi wins second edition of Memorial Paolo Sala

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second edition of”Memorial Paulo Sala; The Tuscan team, one of the best candidates for the 2022/23 tournament that will start in two weeks, first beat Monza 4-2 and thenimpurity Vercelli, tennis adjusted 6-2. In the third mini-game (two halves of 15 minutes each) Monza forced the black, yellow and green hosts to surrender (2-4).

Two games featuring a impurity Vercelli is still far behind against the two opponents, who have already appeared revitalized under the athletic side and tested in the game’s charts. men led by mr sergey punt Instead, they seemed rather wooden, slow and rough to maneuver, perhaps still overburdened with preparation. Poor accuracy in the shooting area, a large number of supports and foul passes, and a small number of defensive slips cost Vercelli dearly.

We still have to work a lot to find the amalgam – sporting director David Costanzo comments – and it couldn’t be otherwise; Much of the team is new, and it is understood that it will take some time to fine-tune the gameplay. However, I don’t think it’s appropriate to make the drama: we played two games that were definitely useful, and despite the two defeats, we also saw some good things; I’m sure, I’m also waiting for Maxi to come back Orest Which is essential to us.

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