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Soon to €3 (maybe 4), but with this trick you cut it in half today

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The fuel crisis in Italy is getting worse every day and the war complicates the picture.

For families, the danger is not being able to make ends meet, and for trucks, the real danger is to stop by leaving empty supermarkets and create a real place. cargo block.

Even companies are threatening to shut down because these electricity, gas and petrol costs cannot continue. The government intervened by reducing production fees by 0.25 euros The smell of fresh air for the Italians was really short-lived.

Unrelenting fuel prices

Already a few days after the cut, the fuel resumed its run around 3 euros. Already today they are back close to 2 euros According to many experts on the protracted conflict in Ukraine, it will not take long because they have reached the threshold of 3 euros.

An enormous threshold that would mean another stinging for families and for the country could mean real paralysis. It is clear that the Italians are trying to save in every way, but consumer protection associations Warning of the trick that many use to reduce the cost of diesel.

A trick to avoid with diesel

But as we will see, there is a more realistic way to halve the price of fuel. Unfortunately, many Italians pose Edible oils inside their diesel cars. In theory, edible oils can replace diesel, but there are two problems. The first is that this practice is illegal because it uses edible oil instead of diesel Means fraud on the case of excise duties Hence the risk of heavy fines. The second problem is that these edible oils are not designed to be used in engines and They are very viscous, and the result is that the engine is at risk of damage If not completely freeze.

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real savings

The Consumer Protection Association strongly advises against using these methods and instead recommends more reasonable savings strategies. Before we see what practice allows many Italians to halve gasoline however It is important to remember that keeping your car in good condition is very important because it saves a lot of gasoline. In fact, a poorly running car wastes a lot of fuel. But what the associations that protect consumers really recommend is the use of shared cars. In fact, car sharing apps allow you to share the trip with those who are on the same trip as ours. Unsurprisingly, their use has spread widely in recent weeks.

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