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Enter a chat and press the “Search” button, the new feature that will change your life will appear

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Search by date is a completely new and very practical WhatsApp function: finding old messages will be very simple!

Since the amount of messages exchanged daily on WhatsApp is huge, the company that owns the brand (like Meta, like Facebook and Instagram) is committed to keeping Improve user experience for its users. This means that developers who work for Mark Zuckerberg are incentivized Always adding new features In order to meet all the needs of WhatsApp users.

When large amounts of data are exchanged through an intermediary, the risk is always greater Miss important information In a constant and often confusing flow of messages and media. In order to allow a quick and efficient search, WhatsApp has long ago included a “search” function Allowing you to quickly find a word in a chat. However, the problem arises when we are not looking for a specific word or when it is, for example, a theme or a recurring word in that chat.

When the same topics are always talked about in a chat (for example, meetings, appointments, etc.), the same word can be repeated many times, and before we find the exchange of messages that interest us, we may have to search several times.

How does search by WhatsApp message history work?

The search function by date allows you fast-track messages exchanged at a given time, That is, on a certain day or from a certain day. The search function has been extended from the first to the last chat message, So, assuming a conversation was opened five years ago and was never deleted, it would be possible to quickly go back to the messages of the first few days.

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To make your search faster and more efficient WhatsApp has inserted a calendar icon In the search bar: this way it will not even be necessary to type the six numbers that make up the date. To access the desired period or day, just swipe the calendar forward or backward and tap on the day whose messages you want to read.

Of course the WhatsApp history search function does not work miracles: if the messages are there It is automatically deleted through the temporary message function, or if they are manually deleted, It can not be restored. To access the calendar icon and search by date, simply open the chat and tap on the icon magnifying glass we shall see appear, At the bottom right of the calendar icon.


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As is often the case with new features, history search will be gradually rolled out to all users. It may take some time to get it on your smartphone.

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