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Thrilling horror story, a new horror killer has been judged too extreme: the ban on minors under 18 arrives

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On the same day of the theatrical release in over 200 copies, X – A Sexy Horror Story by Ti West, the highly anticipated new horror movie starring Mia Goth and Jenna Ortega, distributed by Midnight Factory, a label owned by Koch Media, was banned. For children under 18.

On the same day of the theatrical release with more than 200 copies, X – Thrilling Horror Story By Ti West, the new awaited Horror slasher with Mia Goth and Gina Ortegadistributed by Midnight Factory, a label owned by Koch Media Minors under the age of 18 are prohibited By the cinematographic classification committee appointed by the General Directorate of Cinema and Audiovisual at the Ministry of Culture.

Obviously, the strong feelings that the movie promises impressed everyone A committee to the extent that It was deemed unsuitable for minors because of “the set of scenes in which there is one or more sensitive content, the tone of the same content and its potential influence as well as the narrative context, and the level of intensity of the sensitive content detected”; Effective Mixture of horror and porn Thus, it led to a ban on viewing for adults. It’s clearly a movie that leaves its mark.
X – Thrilling Horror Story – Who got a degree? 95% fresh on rotten tomatoes And theKing of Terror Stephen King Approval Which he described as “a very good horror movie. Scary, clever, self-aware. Ah! And funny too”—set in 1979, when an aspiring band and hungry for success decide to make an adult movie in rural Texas, but the elderly couple who host it, in Secluded and undisturbed farm, they began to interest young actors. At night this obsessive interest explodes with all its violence and terror.

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