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Zenith at Camaiore with great fanfare: Calcio Isilenza

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Hit the ground running with Zenith Prato in the first group of Essenza. This afternoon (the match starts at 3pm) the Blumaranto will visit the Polisportiva Camaiore Calcio, one of the teams set up, at least according to expert opinion, to dominate the championship and attempt the big jump to the Italian League. Mr. Simone Setsoldi (photo), who has a clear understanding of the value of his opponents: “We are facing a team that, in my opinion, in the starting lineup is the strongest in the group, in terms of technical and physical values. “But football is not an exact science – explains coach Zenith Prato – . I’m sure of the fact that my team knows how to play football well. Until last Sunday in the cup we played a great match, but then in the end, results are also important, and to make a good match the result is not the only element.” Nice yes, in short, but there is room for improvement in terms of concreteness: “We will have to be attentive in the moments Occasion. Try to direct the rings to our advantage. Those who are able to be decisive in the rings usually bring the points – insists Setsoldi -. We will find ourselves facing some of the best players, position by position, in this category. We will need the perfect match to try to get a result, but I saw the boys training well during “We are going to Camaiore for our match, we know the players well. “There are many strengths and few weaknesses in our opponent.” The only ones absent are the unavailable Mari and Clegg, otherwise all of Bluamaranto’s men are available, including a large number of youngsters who are still waiting to make their official debut in Essenza.

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The great heat at the beginning of September, especially in the second part of the match, given the depth difference between the two teams and the five coaching changes available, could be an important factor able to influence the team’s progress. the match.

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