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Sassari Calcio Latte Dolce passes Monteponi 2 to 0 and “sees” Serie D thanks to a 3 to 3 between Lanusei and Budoni

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Sassari Calcio Latte Dolce passes Monteponi di Iglesias 2 to 0 and “sees” the D series thanks to the 3 to 3 between Lanusei and Budoni. For Mauro Giorico’s team, this is the 25th victory of the season in 34 games, two days after the end of the regular season.
In the first part of the first half, the two teams studied each other, without creating particular goal chances. In the 27th minute, the first opportunity of the match arrived with Kwadio, who tried to surprise Congiunte from distance, but missed the goal. Six minutes later, Sassari Calcio’s Latte Dolce had a wonderful opportunity to tackle Iglesias’ defensive line.

In the 36th minute, Sassari Calcio’s Latte Dolce took the lead: Berdeaux stole the ball from young defender Moura, anticipating the perhaps jeered Rosuble goalkeeper Godot for a bad bounce on the uneven pitch, and with the net not guarded, the goal fell 0-1.

The superiority was given to the children of coach Mauro Giorico, and in the 41st minute Grassi tried to double, but his shot went just over it. And before the break, Kouadio attempted a free kick from a narrow angle, which was denied by Congiunte.
Returning to the field from the dressing rooms, after 3 ‘ the Biancoceleste doubled: Scognamillo intercepted the ball in the middle of the way, reached the area and served Piredda who made no mistake from close range and tapped the goal to make it 0-2.

And Iglesias did not give up, despite the double imperfection, and in the 69th minute, following a corner kick, Beras clashed with the unprepared Conjunti, denying the goal. In the next action, Marcangeli came face to face with the goalkeeper, but Guddo prevented him from scoring Sassari’s third goal.
Four minutes later, a surprise shot by Ilario from outside the area, Congiunte rebounded to the crossbar, then the ball bounced off the white line and the Biancoceleste defense removed the danger.

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In the last quarter of the hour, Sassari Calcio Latte Dolce managed to achieve the advantage and lost three very heavy points with the goal of promotion to Serie B, thanks to the 3 to 3 that Lanusi imposed on Bodoni.

Iglesias, who played the field in a reconfigured lineup due to the absence of Capilino, Cassama and Cruz, did not lose credit for the presence of the leaders.

Iglesias: Guddo, Zedda (31 ‘ st Bratzu), Mura (22 ‘ st Luciano), Bringas, Todde, Raponi, Kouadio (38 ‘ st Frau), Piras (29 ‘ st Filippi), Suella, Illario, Espada (35 ‘ st arrow). Submarines: Pegotti, Cassini, Cerego, FDA.
Sasari Calcium Sweet Milk: joints. Pireddu, Cabeccia, Russu, Canu (39′ st Salaris); Piga, Piredda (9′ st Tuccio), Oliveira; Marcangeli (43′ st Galante), Grassi (27′ st Serra), Scognamillo (48′ st Sanna). Subs: Togolo, Dabies, Dore, Celine. Coach: Mauro Jurico.

to rule: Luca Rosini from Livorno.

Line assistants: Mauro Biagini from Oristano and Giovanni Meloni from Carbonia.

Signs: 36′ Pireddu (SLD), 48′ Piredda (SLD).

Warnings: Bringas (I), Zedda (I), Cabeccia (SLD).

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