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Zelensky’s peace plan, Russia and China: “I want to meet Xi Jinping”

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he wants to meet his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to discuss his 12-point peace proposal. China To try to end the conflict in Ukraine. According to the leader Kyivwho spoke yesterday at a press conference on the occasion of the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine by Russiaplan Beijing It represents a sign of the Asian giant’s “good faith” in seeking peace, but that “they have to follow the facts”. I think the fact that China is starting to talk about Ukraine is not a bad thing. The plan includes respecting territorial integrity, even ifUkraineThis corresponds to our interests. As well as issues of security and respect for international law. We have to work on that with China.

Chinese drones for Russia?

“I want to believe that China will not supply weapons to Russia,” Zelensky added, citing US intelligence reports that Beijing — which has never strongly condemned the invasion — would be willing to supply weapons to Moscow before a possible counterattack thereafter. Summer Ukraine. Specifically, it will be about a hundred Kamikaze drones. For the time being, Beijing has not responded to Zelensky’s call, while Moscow has already declared that it “shares China’s vision.” In any case, Zelensky, who said he was sure Ukraine would win the war, was clear: “There will definitely be negotiations and we hope there will be a peace summit involving as many partners as possible.”

Chinese peace plan

The Chinese proposal for peace came in the wake of meeting the Chinese diplomat Wang Yi And Russian President Vladimir Putin. Despite Zelensky’s tepid response, some allies have spoken out against him. Of all this, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declared the plan “not very credible,” given the lack of condemnation of the Chinese invasion. Likewise, US President Joe Biden asked how it could be “a good plan if Putin praised it.” The document does not speak of an invasion, but of a crisis, and places part of the blame onthe West, which aggravated the conflict by sending weapons to Kiev. Among the 12 points, the call for no threat to use atomic weapons with the end of hostilities, the resumption of peace talks and the elimination of nuclear weapons. Penalties. The first point is to respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all countries in accordance with recognized international law. The second is to abandon the “cold war mentality” in favor of a diplomatic track that also guarantees the export of grain.

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