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The groom and his friends get angry (and it ends up being very angry).

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L’Air hostess Tell him he won’t need anything else alcohol on aboard of the planeairplane This made them so nervous that they became violent with the crew. The group of friends intend to celebrateBachelor party One of them caused some inconvenience to passengers on a flight to Bulgaria. The Tui Fly plane was stuck on the runway for hours, not taking off until the small group had retreated, leaving everyone free to fly.

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Having become irritable with alcohol, young men bent on celebrating the future groom begin to curse, jeer at the crew’s flight attendants, and harass the other flight guests. The incident came after they were told they could not drink alcohol during the four-hour flight. When the crew tried to calm down the boisterous group, they did not receive the required reaction and to the anger of the other passengers, the intervention of the on-board security was called to support the Tui Fly staff.

Then five of the group agreed to get off the plane, but two others continued to use violence and harassment, and refused to take off the flight. Thus, the company had everyone disembark before leaving again. “We heard the group in the arrivals hall an hour before the flight and they were very loud. To be honest, I was afraid to get on the plane – said one of the passengers -. There were seven of them and the groom was dressed as a pilot. It was very annoying, especially for the passengers in the adjacent rows for them.

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A TUI spokeswoman said: “We would like to apologize to customers on board flight TOM6412 from Cardiff to Bulgaria for the delay in takeoff. The safety of our customers and crew is always our top priority and we have a zero tolerance policy towards disruptive behavior on our flights. The passengers involved were disembarked and the flight was able to resume its journey.

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