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Zelensky: “Only end the war with Putin”

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“The meeting to end the war will only be directly with Putin, because all decisions in Russia are solely of his making,” he added. This was stated – reports by Ukrinform Agency – by the President Volodymyr Zelensky Via videoconferencing at the Ukrainian House in Davos. “After what they have done, you understand, I have no great desires for these encounters, great desires to meet with psychics, they do not exist, should not exist and will not exist. Therefore, In principle, I do not accept any meetings with anyone from the Russian Federation, except for the President of the Russian Federation. And only if the issue on the table is one: the end of the war. “There’s nothing else to talk about,” Zelensky said.

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We have no way out: our war will end in victoryZelensky emphasized: “There will be victory, because this is our land and our people, we are fighting for them. We are paying a heavy price, but there will certainly be victory, because there is simply no other way out,” he answered who asked him how Russia’s war against Ukraine will end and whether He hopes to sign an agreement. For peace. With Russian President Putin.

“I understand – added Zelensky – that Any war ends in diplomacy, diplomacy can lead to peace, peace is the desire of every ordinary personThe president stressed that the war was “a tragedy for everyone”, but noted that it was not the Ukrainians who started it. “We are on our own land. We have nowhere to go, and for this we are strong and united, because here we fight and fight for freedom. No one wants to sacrifice his life, but people donate it for the future,” Zelensky noted.

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“The The United States and other NATO countries must understand that if Ukraine is defeated, Russia will advance and its citizens will die. And he said again: To prevent this from happening, we must support Ukraine now. And Ukraine is a priority, it is here, on the border with Russia, which is attacking us today. If we fall, and Ukraine does not survive, Russia will move on. After that you will go to the Baltic states, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. It is small countries that will not be alone, even if united and tripartite, able to defend the values ​​of freedom and democracy. And then they will have to prove that they are a member of NATO. “The United States must prove this,” Zelensky said.

Military capture of Crimea will cost Ukraine “hundreds of thousands” of Kyiv soldiers deadZelensky explained, according to reports from Ukrainska Pravda.

we have the The right to count on full and urgent assistance, especially weaponsIf all our partners agree that Ukraine’s struggle in the war against Russia is to protect the common values ​​of all the free world countries and our common freedom. ” Zelensky, thanking “all these partners who help us, provide us with the necessary weapons and ammunition”.

“The The next few weeks of war will be difficult. And we must be aware of that, but we have no alternative but to fight and win, to liberate our land and our people. “Bakhmut, Popasna, Severodonetsk: the occupiers concentrated the greatest activity in this direction,” said Zelensky.

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He added that “the Russian occupiers are trying to prove that they will not give up the occupied territories in the Kharkiv region, the Kherson region and the occupied territories in the Zaporizhia region and Donbass.”

“In total, since February 24, 1474, the Russian army launched a missile attack on Ukraine using 2,275 different missiles, mostly on civilian targets,” the toll said.

“In less than three months, there have been more than 3,000 airstrikes by Russian planes and helicopters,” Zelensky added, explaining that “when we tell our partners that we need anti-missile weapons and modern combat aircraft, we are not alone in making them. An official request. This is the The real life of many people who would not have died had we received all the weapons we are looking for.”

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