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Chinese missiles in the heart of Europe: The move that worries NATO

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Tensions in Europe are not only due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and Putin’s threats to the West. The “new” partnership has recently resurfaced and is that of two adversaries in NATO, i.e. Serbia And China. In fact, in recent weeks, Beijing has been providing Belgrade with specials missiles The anti-aircraft system, FK-3, presented by the former Yugoslavia to its citizens as announced by the US Agency News agency. These war materials were dispatched in April with air traffic between the two countries defined as “The largest military operation abroad“But what exactly is going on?

NATO concerns

Technically speaking, China’s cooperation with Serbia is nothing new. Already in 2020, Beijing has sent other military supplies, notably drones equipped with laser-guided missiles, becoming the first “Made in China” unmanned type to be used in Europe. Only now, after the start of the conflict, the dispatch of FK-3s began to cause concern, as reported by the specialist Italmiradar which controls this specific type of air traffic. president of serbia, Alexander Vucic, He wanted to reassure himself, saying that the delivery of the missiles should not be seen as a threat but should be seen as “strong deterrent“If the escalation of the war also includes the state of Eastern Europe. But NATO and the European Union have raised their noses at this“ help ”, fearing above all that this will have a negative impact on the stability of the region.

What is FK-3s

But what exactly are these FK-3 missiles? as he remembers ProphetI am Designer To destroy enemy aircraft, drones, cruise missiles and helicopters at all altitudes, from 50 meters up to 27 kilometers in height, 24 hours a day and in all weather conditions. The missile system’s other name is HQ-22, which was developed by Jiangnan Space Industry but is also known as “Base 061” and is a major modernization of the HQ-12 air defense system. as he writes missiles, this system was first presented at the China Air Show in 2016. On July 30, 2017, it was shown at a parade of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army of China. As we have seen, it is exported in FK-3 terms.

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‘Independent of our destiny’

Serbia is trying to make complete decisions does not depend on about their fate, without imposing sanctions on Russia and moving forward more quickly on the path of European integrationThe Minister of Foreign Affairs said: Nikola Selakowiczto the public television broadcasting station RTS. “We do not impose sanctions on the Russian Federation, but our priority goal is to find a faster European path to change society, strengthen the rule of law and attract as many investments as possible.confirmed. Those words sound ominous to members of the alliance also thanks to the partnership with China that has been going on since 1999 when NATO bombed the former Yugoslavia for more than two months, causing thousands of casualties, including the Chinese.

That’s why, he remembers ProphetAnd Tian Yishuwho holds a commercial position at the Chinese embassy in Serbia, said that “The Chinese people will never forget the barbaric atrocities committedOn his part, the Minister of Interior said: Alexander Volyn He said that what NATO committed to in 1999 “It was a crime against a sovereign state and its people and a flagrant violation of international lawAdd to that “Serbia will never stop asking NATO to take responsibility for its crimes and Serbia will always be a reliable friend of China.” In short, these two statements are enough to understand that the wound is still open and that the two countries, if there are any doubts, will never be “friends” of NATO, which has to worry about the numerous intercontinental flights that fill Belgrade. with missiles.

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