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Youth football – an important agreement between US Gragnano and Società Val Luretta

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“For the exclusive interest of society, that is, for the real pursuit of the ‘common good’, dialogue and comparison are essential, and from this point of view compromise is never a concession of something but rather the best solution. In the light of these considerations, we welcome the agreement made Reaching it between US Gragnano and Società Val Luretta as a beautiful outcome, for the benefit of our children and our Gragnano families. We thank the representatives of both companies who wanted and continued with us this goal that the municipal administration had been hoping for for years.” This is the comment of Mayor Patricia Calza and Sports Adviser Marco Caviati on the sidelines of the meeting that It took place a few days ago at the Town Hall and ended with the signing of the agreement between Osvaldo Bruschi, as president of ASD Val Loretta Football School and Alberto Ballarini – President of Gragnano ASD America – “I would also like to expressly thank Marco Caviati, Lorenzo Zavignani and Alessandro Cavana, who have always believed in the need to work together And I spent a lot in this sense.” Patrizia continues.
Under the agreements, Val Luretta will ensure the use of the Gragnano Trebbiense plant for first-team training and championship matches to the US company Gragnano, will assist the US company Gragnano by providing training spaces for the primary activity teams and the football school in the event of temporary malfunctions or fractures at the Casaliggio facility and will direct Children and youth residing in the municipality of Gragnano Trebbiense up to the junior class included in the presence of the American Gragnano.
At the same time, the US company Gragnano pledges to direct boys who leave the main activity to the junior category, towards the teams of the Val Luretta-Agazzanese-San Nicolò-Calendasco group as the two companies have agreed to shift the competitive activity of Val Loretta.
Thus, the cooperation between the two companies will include not only participation in spaces but also in sports projects targeting youth activities. In fact, in the past few hours, a close cooperation agreement with AC Milan football club was aimed specifically at this sector. “Thanks to the existing cooperation between the two companies, a strong enthusiasm arose in this new project, and we are sure that it will achieve successful results. We work for the good of children and youth in our region, hoping to be able to offer not only a high-quality sports service in Gragnano but Also for the entire valley.”
Public Works Adviser Cristiano Chiavi said: “For our part, there is an obligation to initiate all actions to access the resources that allow us to make improvements to our sports facilities. The last PNRR call was not within the reach of small municipalities like ours. We hope to obtain additional funding also suitable for a similar reality to our reality”

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