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Your goalkeeper is a man.

Your goalkeeper is a man.

The Iran women’s national football team It ends in the eye of the storm again. Already in 2015 the Iranian Federation was a target of big controversy Because it turns out in the team 8 men play. Now the Jordan Football Association has requested, in a letter sent on November 5 to the Asian Confederation (AFC) An investigation into the goalkeeper’s gender has been opened for the Iranian national team, Zohreg Koudaei, suspected of being a man.

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Indeed, the accusation is that Qadi, using the hijab on his head, played in a women’s soccer match. Iran qualified NS First Asian Women’s Cup 2022 by defeating Jordan on penalties 4-2 On September 25, also thanks to some decisive saves by the goalkeeper, i.e. I managed to dodge two bullets from a distance of 11 metres.

Via a post on Twitter, the president of the Jordanian Emir federation Ali Ben al-Husseinasked « gender verification“The goalkeeper has doubts about the player’s eligibility.” ready there Response from Iranian coach Maryam Irandost: «Talking about the gender of the goalkeeper is Just an excuse for every Do not accept defeat She suffered against Iranian women.” The technician also said he was ready.Submit any documents required by the FTAZahra Qadi had to defend herself in the past against similar accusations that appeared in Iranian newspapers.

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