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Young students in hockey class, the project continues in the Circolo Pattinatori house

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GROSSETO – The “hockey project” continues at the Mario Barry rink in the Sports Center of Via Mercurio, created by synergy between the Grosseto Bilingual School and the Skating Club in 1951. Children attending grades 1 and 2 begin their introduction to the sport, discovering a new system of doing during physical education class. In fact, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the young athletes arrive at the “hockey house” via Mercurio starting from the school’s headquarters, which is located in Via Safi, in the center of Grosseto. A sporting outing is also a way to put into practice the teachings of English learned at school, since the coaches have international ancestry. And many children have already decided to continue the journey on skates even outside school hours, taking part in the Asd Circolo Pattinatori Grosseto courses. Club president Stefano Osti has made players Pablo Saavedra and Alex Mount available for this initiative, who teach hockey lessons in Italian and English. Among other things, the Canterbury-born Mount will be a guest at the school to tell his story as a professional player, a career that spanned England, Portugal and Maremma. For skiing education, the project also benefits from the collaboration of Giulia Fournay, technician at Polisportiva Barbanella Uno.

“We found a strong understanding from the first moment – explains Ambra Antonelli, Director of the Bilingual School Grosseto – Thanks to this collaboration with the CP Grosseto Sports Association, which has the concession of the sports facility in Via Mercurio, we have achieved a double objective, which is to make the children learn to ski and use the English language In a different context, in order to further enrich their vocabulary and use it even outside the school. The project will also continue in the coming weeks.
“We are happy to be able to return to work with schools, with this interesting project that will last two months, until the end of April – confirms Ernesto Crossi, Vice President of the Ski Club for 1951 – after being forced to stop due to the coronavirus disease. We hope that the cooperation with The bilingual school in Via Saffi is just the beginning of a series of initiatives that will be implemented in the academic year 2023-2024 and in the coming ones. In this sense, we are ready to evaluate any proposals with other schools.

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