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Young people win. Best Film and Directing in Sorrentino –

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from Valerio Capelli

Best Actress Roll With a Carpignano Movie, Scarpetta Moved to Remember His Father and Saponangelo, the Mother of the “It Was the Hand of God” director

Rome – You’re David Di Donatello A panic by Gabriel Mainetti, and 5a It was God’s hand by Paolo Sorrentino, but they are the weightiest, revenge after a lost Oscar: won Best Picture and Best Director, for (his) story about a 16-year-old boy who lost his movie. Parents, while in the other, sort of Turnout Art awards go. They both made 16 nominations, while two of David Close to Mario Marton (out of 14 nominations) appeared for I’m laughing hereFashion and Eduardo Scarpetta, supporting actor. Diabolic, 11 nominations, 1 award, minor (original song). Best Actress is Outside Swamy Rotolo, only 17 (record), for Clear Carpignano. Actor Silvio Orlando is excited for still antennawhere in an abandoned prison, about to transport the last inmates in a suspended atmosphere, in a common fate with the guards and in an unexpected test of humanity: “It’s David III, I didn’t expect it, I don’t want to make this movie, the character was far from my heart ». Three David to the documentary Inyo Written by Giuseppe Tornatore, Symphony of Sounds and Images, an exciting tribute to Morricone.

David di Donatello’s return to Cinecittà With the presenters, Carlo Conte and Drusilla Foer, the revelation at the Sanremo Festival who sings here and says: “I love cinema but more after cinema, the moment we discuss emotions and feelings and communicate, it is a beautiful and an urban way to live together.” Looking at the small valley, Samira jokes About her mature age: “She is very tall, beautiful, young: is she necessary?”. After Ennio Morricone’s music in rock key, here is the Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini. It seems that he was surprised when Conte asked him: But will we have to wait until June 15 To take off the mask in the halls?” “There are government rules that apply to every enclosed space, and there are different opinions, which I must keep. Cinema crossed the desert in the spirit of adaptation, productions grew, collections did not stop ». Theater Crisis: “The difference is no longer between the small and the big screen, but between the individual and the collective experience.”

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Non-protagonists are also two outsiders. Scarpetta (who was touched) and Teresa Sabonangelo, Sorrentino’s mother in the film: “Thank you Paolo for giving me this important and intimate opportunity for you. I thank my family who have also supported me financially over the years, it is difficult without many means for me to make such a long journey.” First David (exclusive) to versatile Sabrina Ferrelli who pledges her thoughts on the long wait to tell Napoli: “I have 31 years of work, I’m of the ranks, the prize satisfies my ego.” There are many things that are intriguing: fifty simultaneous films and directors (Sorrentino, Mainetti, Marton, Di Costanzo, Tornatore, they all went to Venice and this happens for the first time in 67 editions); Double nomination for Tony Cervelo (as Champion in I’m laughing herenot a championship It was God’s hand); Nomination for two supporting actresses in the same work (award winning Luisa Ranieri and Sabonangelo); The explosive creativity of Naples who wins (Sorrentino, Marton but also The Di Filippo brothers by Sergio Rubini); Six nominations for a documentary filmInyo); Cinema of Tomorrow facing the first nominations for Best Actresses: Myriam Lyon, Anonymous Aurora Giovinazzo, Rosa Palaciano and the winner Rotolo. David, Giovanna Ralli’s Lifetime Achievement: Preparing for Cannes in Jasmine Trinca’s directorial debut.

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