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You will have to remove all books, movies and torrent files

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A victory in court for AIE and FAPAV. In fact, the Milan court ordered Remove all contents of TNTVillage villageThis ends a four-year trial.

We also had the opportunity to tell these pages, TNTVillage closed its doors in 2019nearly fourteen years after its founding. The Italian torrent indexing platform had about 1 million users, 135 thousand book titles and 230 thousand films protected by copyright.

In 2019, AIE and FAPAV filed an appeal against the directors, requesting that all content be removed. The judge agreed to the request, and it was followed by the announcement of the site’s closure in September of the same year. However, as FAPAV explained, though Access to download books, movies and protected content is left open, Through a link posted on the home page.

With the ruling issued a few days ago, the court did not just issue that Confirm commitment to remove contentbut also upheld the legality of the requests made by the plaintiffs, to protect the rights of each of them.

We warmly welcome the decision of the Milan CourtAIE President, Ricardo Franco Levy commented. “This is a ruling that concerns not only the specific state of TNTVillage, but also some points of great importance, since it equals files uploaded by the administrator and those uploaded by users of the platform.“.”AIE will continue to fight against all forms of piracy“Concluded Levi,”This sentence is going in the desired direction“.

A long court battle ends on a positive note, representing an important joint success that places itself in a broader scenario that sees how “creating a system” in the protection of intellectual works could lead to more significant results.FAPAV President Federico Bagnoli Rossi announced.Through this sentence, it is emphasized once again that the illegal availability of creative works via the Internet is a serious infringement that involves a serious restriction of the exploitation of the rights associated with it, with troubling economic damage not only to the cultural industry but also to the system: the country as a whole“.

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