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Pokemon Scarlett and Pokemon Violet arrive in 2022: Trailer and Trailer!

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expect it Another second leak themed PokemonAnd the scarlet pokemon And the Pokemon Violetwhich will be in Italy scarlet pokemon And the Pokemon VioletOfficially announced on the occasion of Pokémon Presents airing on Sunday, February 27, 2022.

To celebrate Pokemon Day 2022 in style, Pokemon Company I decided to actually end the digital date by presenting the next two main chapters of the saga. Freak game Thus, she has officially revealed a pair of nicknames he formed scarlet pokemon And the Pokemon VioletRight at home Nintendo Switch Already by the end of this year. No doubt about it, with the development team agreeing to the production debut of “Later 2022“.

The Trailer for a movie The presentation of the two games, which you can watch live when this news opens, also provided a first look at what will be three writer The Adventures of Nintendo Switch. Also space for some settings that we’ll be able to see in action scarlet pokemon And the Pokemon Violet, between day and night scenarios, unreleased pocket monster and new characters. With a pair of addresses, PokéFans will recognize ninth generation Pokemon.

We also remember that during Pokémon Presents it was confirmed Arrival of Pokemon from Alola in Pokemon Go.

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