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Do you remember Federica Moro? It made all Italians dizzy: today it is unrecognizable

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Federica Moro Direct 24 line

Federica Moro, how did she become and what a star she is college.

Children between the ages of 40 and 50 will surely remember her as still very young collegein a role Ariana. He basically did it on film, and it was theatrically released in 1984. Then a TV movie was made of it, broadcasting from 90Which has become a real cult especially among young people. Here too we found her prettier than ever. I just became Miss Italyexactly 1982.

Since then his career model Based on an actress I went full speed. Later we saw her in fiction the Eagles Then on the big screen he joined the legendary sprung in Joan Lowe. He also participated in two episodes of taste. She even managed to act in her first show 1988 international filmthat’s saying the matchDirected by the late Carlo Vanzina.

there Moro She has also dedicated herself to leading several successful programmes, incl International Circus Star Festival with Paul Bonolis. After that we saw it on local networks, like other Telenorba. Anyway, she never forgot her first love, and in September 2016, we were meeting with her as a member of Technical jury Miss Italy.

Federica Moro, since 2016 away from the big and small screen

Federica She has today 58 years old Beautifully worn. Last year she was also a welcome guest very rightwhere she has it He regained his career And he talked about it is today. Today this one Very ingenious womanBut what I decided to retire from the scene Starting with his name already 2016. She is married to a businessman Matthew Del Caratore For 5 years, although I can count on it almost universally 20 years of relationship.

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Do you know what day it is, away from TV and movies on awesome former actress? For something that definitely fits in its category, is still innate and clearly a highlight social. This is mainly done through Snapshot exchange to his huge following Official Instagram profileby managing it with experience and good character.

What happened to Federica Moro?
Federica Moro Direct 24 line

What are you doing today

there Moro Successfully manages a Art gallery in LuganoWhere she moved to live with her charming wife. Now he devotes himself to relaxation, mostly by the sea, with boat tripsAnd diving A healthy tan. There are also meetings and dinners with special friends of hersthat warms her heart.

In the name of Mumtaz beauty And the amazing body is still required as a testimony and representative in historical parades. If she was beautiful when she was young, today we can say that she is a real witch. Vincente, also earned a May 2023 important award during Awards from Female Outstanding Students 2023 At the Villa Reale in Monza.

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