Home science Santa Teresa, the “science of love” that unlocks beauty

Santa Teresa, the “science of love” that unlocks beauty

Santa Teresa, the “science of love” that unlocks beauty

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The woman, the nun who had her time to come out was so changed that she became an “echo of the Creator”. Therese of Lisieux, Doctor of the ChurchAnd She is a wonderfully drawn character strictly Thursday, March 23rd afternoonat the Aula Magna of the Catholic University of Cremona, from Christian mother DubnerCarmelitana Scalza whose writing and personality as a whole are studied. It stands out for its ability to infect others by Arnoldo Mosca Mondadori, promoters from Spirit House and Arts Foundation attended the conference to any hBishop Antonio also attended and made his contribution Napoleon. to moderate mgr. Francesco Volo until 2022 Permanent Observer of the Holy See at UNESCO.

It was one of the three themed dates Teresa of Lisieux. The wisdom of love ”, organized on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth French saint (1873-2023) under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Cremona, the Italian National Commission for UNESCO and the Pontifical College of Theology Tyricianum from Rome.

An intense afternoonAnd Opens fromIt is almost scientifically serious Mother Gallery DubnerFilled with quotes and built to advance the dissertation of a woman, TeresaAnd daughter of her time“He lived in a historical period, which is often left in the background, or simply discarded” but is able in its context to overcome the difficulties and crises of the time to come up with an infectious creativity, a daughter of the soul. The meditation begins from Teresa’s “many texts written, texts that have gone viral “so they make a lackluster bestseller” to reach the “science of love” that allowed her to cross his “tunnel”. time” and which consoles the man of today, plunged into a similar tunnel, at a time when God was absent (for Teresa symbolized byto A culture that stretches from Schiller to Nietzsche is fleeting RussellAnd Rilke And Tolstoyj) It becomes felt but where hope is marked by the testimonies of extraordinary saints even in the daily life of a simple abbey in Normandy.

and Teresa’s “disarming” simplicity, capable of “opening the abyss of beauty wide”, as the bishop said Napoleonto an engaging Testimony of Faith by Arnoldo Mosca mondadori. Teresa made the soul’s “thirst for food” concrete, spreading the “Light of the Blessed Sacrament” before which words are not enough and it is appropriate to leave room for music. And this is how the cellist stepped in to publish important music, such as that of Bach, in the Great Hall of the Santa Monica Monastery. Issa Watanabe. In his hand, the cello was built with the wood of the boats that brought hope, pain, and death to the shores of Italy. The remarks were heard in silence as the contemplation of those present crystallized.

Teresa of Lisieux: In Cremona a series of events took place on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the saint

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