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Xbox Game Pass, October 2022: Games for the second half of the month for subscribers

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Let’s take a look at the upcoming Xbox Game Pass games for subscribers in the second half of October 2022.

Month October 2022 is still particularly rich for Xbox Game Passwhich was also confirmed by someone The second wave of games Of great interest, in this case with a certain turn toward horror, as befits the period approaching the Day of the Dead…Ah no, on Halloween. In this case, we are talking about 8 new games, added to the already rich first delivery in October 2022, again with a certain predominance of indie matrix titles or the like, but also with a game of great caliber such as Persona 5 Royal, will compose an exponentially large and varied show Special for this end of the month too.

We said that the dominant theme is horror, which fits perfectly with the advent period Halloween: Almost half of the new games arriving in the catalog belong to the respective genre, to the satisfaction of all fans who will be able to celebrate the themed period in the best possible way. For the rest, the arrival of Persona 5 Royal is an event of great importance, being the first chapter of the Atlus series to land on Xbox (in relation to the regular series of JRPG) and the live launch on Game Pass, once again, showing how this platform is Microsoft’s chosen one. To search for a mission relaunch in Japan. We wait to see how it goes, let’s enjoy this second wave of October games, and also remember the 8 games that will leave the catalog on October 31, 2022.

Amnesia: Collection – Console, PC and Cloud, Console, October 20

Amnesia: Dark Descent remains a high-impact horror

Halloween Horror Game Pass review begins with Amnesia: collectingWhich is a really good start, as the Frictional Games series is definitely one of the pillars of the “new wave” of modern survival horror. The new mode of the genre, which places more emphasis on exploration and stealth work, in which the protagonist is almost helpless in the face of formidable threats from which he is usually forced to hide and escape, in fact is usually due to the first amnesia, which is perhaps the best representation of this concept. In addition to the first chapter, the collection also includes the second chapter: “Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and the expansion“ Amnesia: Justin.” The latter fails to achieve the disruptive effect of the predecessor, but still provides additional elements to compose the dark picture of the series, inspired by Lovecraft classics to display experiments which have become fundamental to understanding the new trends of the genre in video games.

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Amnesia: Rebirth – Console, PC, and the Cloud, October 20

Amnesia: Rebirth, the archaeological place is impressive
Amnesia: Rebirth, the archaeological place is impressive

Perhaps the purest sequel to the original experience it came with Memory loss: rebirth, the true third installment of the trilogy and generally very loyal to the spirit of Dark Descent. Set in the 1930s, in Algeria, the film follows the story of archaeologist Anastasie “Tassi” Trianon, who falls into the desert during an expedition to Africa in the mid-colonial period. Determined to find her husband and other members of the expedition, Tassi begins a hallucinatory journey among the ruins and testimonies of ancient civilizations that hide metaphysical horrors, with strange connections to strange worlds and ancestral gods. It’s easy to see, even then, that some memories of the Lovecraftian horror tradition and the desire to blend Amnesia’s strengths with those of Soma are evident, but the outcome is less consistent in the two titles involved, for imperative. Retreat to the originality of the game’s solutions, as also seen in our review of Amnesia: Rebirth.

Phantom Abyss (Game Preview) – Xbox Series X | S, PC and Cloud, October 20

Phantom Abyss, a picture from the game
Phantom Abyss, a picture from the game

Exploring mysterious temples full of obstacles and traps is a true classic of video games, so reclaiming them is natural in new indie experiences, which often take advantage of the classic foundations to build something new and original. This is exactly what it is phantom abyss, currently in Game Preview and making its absolute debut directly on Game Pass: This is a first-person action game that sees us exploring several procedurally-created temples that we can only explore once in search of coveted and well-protected treasures. The main advantage of the game is that it is an asynchronous multiplayer game: players compete against each other, and also take advantage of the “ghosts” of previous attempts to avoid falling into traps that were fatal to others and try to maximize the outcome of the single game available to each temple.

Soma – Console, PC and Cloud, October 20

Soma, screenshot
Soma, screenshot

By staying in the horror arena, we can experience one of the best experiences of this genre somaTruly a valuable introduction to the October Game Pass catalog. After experiencing amnesia, Frictional may have reached its pinnacle of production with this first-person adventure in a sci-fi setting, which puts us in a truly unique position, in an underwater science base dominated by machines and artificial intelligence, after mass extinction. The story is full of twists and turns and sees us explore the labyrinth of different laboratories on a desperate mission to preserve, at the very least, humanity’s memory, placing ourselves before moral choices of particular importance and participating in a special ecological setting. narration. Interesting and complex. However, the “Safe” mode also allows you to enjoy the story without having to plunge into the fear of survival. Read more in Soma’s review.

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Persona 5 Royal – Console, PC and Cloud, October 21

Persona 5 Royal
Persona 5 Royal

The deluxe title for this October 2nd release on Xbox Game Pass, without a doubt Persona 5 Royalnot only for the very high value of the game itself but also for what it stands for, being the first port of the popular Atlus series on the Xbox platform.

Universally regarded as one of the best RPGs of all time, the game presents the adventures of a group of kids who find themselves exchanging their standard identity as high school students in Tokyo with nocturnal characters from the “Phantom Thieves”, a type of superhero who act in a parallel dimension to try Solve real-world problems by acting in the mind and “heart” of various problematic characters.

Besides the good gameplay system, what really catches Persona 5 is the way it captures us in its narrative, making us part of a truly interactive anime. The Royal Edition also introduces many new content between characters and an additional chapter and chapter with unreleased parts of the story compared to the original, and has reached a higher level as mentioned in our review of Persona 5 Royal.

Frog Detective: The Complete Mystery – PC, October 27

The amazing graphics of Frog Detective
The amazing graphics of Frog Detective

You probably haven’t heard of it before, but the series frog detective A small group of fans can be counted on and it’s enough to see the reviews on Steam to realize this, although those tend to be cynical, like the game itself. In all this meta-paradox, we still find in the center a series of illustrated adventures that are really worth not to miss, also because they are short-lived and therefore can be fully enjoyed without spending too much time. The Entire Mystery includes all three chapters of the series: The Haunted Island, The Case of the Invisible Wizard and the New Corruption at Cowboy County, the release of which corresponds to the series’ launch on Game Pass. The stories always see our detective frog as the protagonist, involved in many mysterious cases with the help of her brilliant wit, faithful notebook, and inescapable magnifying glass. Everything is constantly filtered by a satirical and dreamy vision, making the games thoroughly enjoyable for users of all ages, with different levels of reading.

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Gunfire Reborn – Console, PC, and Cloud, October 27

Gunfire Reborn, screenshot
Gunfire Reborn, screenshot

After gathering consensus on PC and mobile, Shooting again It’s also arriving on Xbox Game Pass with its first console release, bringing with it its hybrid mode between first-person shooter, RPG, and roguelike (or better yet, “roguelite”). Played in singleplayer or co-op multiplayer, it involves traversing four areas featuring different environments, each divided into numerous procedurally generated levels, with a boss at the end of each. The gameplay episode reminds us of Risk of Rain, or even introduces Gungeon in some ways: progressing through levels allows you to collect money and gems, which can be invested in improving weapons and equipment that allow you to go even further. , according to a roguelike dynamic that then requires you to start from the beginning at the moment the game ends, except to maintain some cumulative progression. If you get stuck in the mechanism, even a Gunfire Reborn can be irresistible, represented by a specific characterization.

Signalis – Console, PC, and Cloud, October 27

Signalis, screenshot
Signalis, screenshot

Just to stay on topic, here we are in front of another horror, even if this really has its own twist. Signalis It falls into the category of survival horror, but presents itself in a very special way: it’s an adventure with action and survival elements in a sci-fi setting, where the hero Elster finds herself having to explore an extraterrestrial science station and, at the same time, discover a mysterious secret that looms like a menace. Dark for all of humanity. To fight pesky creatures and solve puzzles, Signalis is a particularly disturbing and elegant experience, also due to the graphical solution that blends pixels with a 3D setting, recalling genre classics from Project Firestart to System Shock but with a somewhat unique characterization. This also looks like a great way to celebrate Halloween, as well as an absolute debut on Xbox Game Pass, launching on the first day in the catalog.

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