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Xbox Game Pass is making money, but the number of new console subscribers is falling –

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Phil Spencer said so Xbox Game Pass he is Profit generation For Microsoft and currently represents 10 – 15% of revenue From the games section. However, it seems that the number of new subscribers on consoles is slowing down, while on the contrary, the number of new subscribers on PC is growing exponentially.

“I think Game Pass will still be between 10 and 15% of our total revenue, and it’s profitable,” Spencer said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Spencer later explained that the number of subscribers to PC Game Pass is increasing exponentially, while it is slowing down New subscriptions on consoles. In his opinion, the reason is that most Xbox console owners interested in the service are currently subscribed, and therefore it is difficult for Microsoft to maintain the positive trend in recent years.

“We’re seeing incredible growth on PCs… I’ve seen slow growth on consoles, mainly because at some point you’ve reached out to everyone who wants to subscribe to consoles.”

According to official data shared in January, Game Pass has reached 25 million subscribers between PC and console, 7 million more than in 2021.

In the same interview, Phil Spencer suggested the arrival of a possible price increase for Xbox Series X | S, Game Pass, and/or games sold on Green Cross consoles.

Just a few hours ago, Microsoft shared its fiscal quarter data for the current year, setting records for the Xbox division.

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