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Starfield: An explanation of why there shouldn’t be a flight

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starfield it will be A flight? According to user u/DoradoPulido2 not at all. You will be able to fly in space, but according to him, the landing on the planets will be managed automatically, as evidenced by what we have seen in the videos of the game so far.

So now we are facing one fan theory, but u/DoradoPulido2 did not limit himself to expressing his opinion in an abstract way, and instead made a real small study on the subject, starting with the game itself (that is, from the game’s movies). The result is really convincing.

For him, spaceships do that They will fly by hand Only in the space of star systems, where you will be able to fight with other spaceships, ships, stations and interact with asteroid fields and other celestial bodies. Of course, you can also fly to the planets, but when landing, the load will start and everything will be automatic.

Starfield will not offer flight.
by u/DoradoPulido2 in starfield

We even tried to explain in detail how it will work System. First, you will select a star system on the galaxy map, within the jump power limits of the chosen spaceship. Then the entire star system will be shown in detail, where you can select a planet, which will also be shown in detail. Once you select the destination, a cinematic descent will begin, which will also act as a loading screen. Then you will be able to interact with the spaceship on Earth, use its tools and explore on foot the part of the planet that is produced. Returning to the ship and takeoff will trigger a new cinematic/loading sequence that will return the ship to orbit.

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What do we add to the excellent reconstruction? Which we hope to find out more at the Starfield Show on June 11th.

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