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Wyoming prohibits its sale

Wyoming prohibits its sale

For months now, there has been talk of stopping the sale of diesel and petrol cars in Europe starting from 2035, a decision still full of doubts by many players in the car market, but we will slowly see the developments. Meanwhile, Europe is in favor of that, so we need to understand what steps it will take in this regard.

In this scenario, there is a country that today suffers from the exact opposite: He hates electric cars and wants to ban their sale from 2035. The situation seems almost cynical, but it is true. We are talking about Wyoming, America.

There are states like New York and California, that are aligning with the decisions made here, abroad, and are moving to eliminate cars with internal combustion engines. Then there is Wyoming who goes against the grain of the whole, actually choosing the exact opposite direction.

Why Wyoming wants to ban electric cars

It seems strange to read such a headline, especially in an era when there is no talk of anything other than the benefits that the total circulation of 100% electric vehicles should bring to the environment and consumption by the users themselves.

True, even in Europe – e In Italy in particular, as Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said – At the moment there are still many doubts. But even Banning the sale of electric cars seems like an incredible decisionbut that’s exactly what Wyoming wants to do.

The United States has introduced legislation to phase out the sale of electric cars until 2035 with a complete ban. Even the date is contradictory: the same date when zero-emission cars are likely to be sold only in Europe (although… The date seems very close at the moment).

However, we cannot talk about a legal obligation, but it is certainly a proposal to ban the sale of electric cars. Senator Jim Anderson initiated this initiative, but many other representatives from the Wyoming House and Senate supported it.

The senator himself declared that the goal was to protect local economic interests.

Why the energy transition threatens Wyoming

Among the states of America, Wyoming is by far the least populated, but still A major oil producer, the eighth largest. There is a reason for wanting to ban electric cars, clearly not a pointless “whim”.

The “oil and gas” industry, as stated in the proposal, employs thousands of people. Then the energy transmission It would undermine the employment of many employees in the sector And it could really become a very serious problem for Wyoming, but also for other states that rely heavily on the extraction and refining of petroleum products.

It is clear that the transition to 100% electric mobility will lead to a decrease in the demand for petroleum products and thus Many jobs will be at risk. However, it does not seem possible to propose a real law that would completely ban the sale of electric cars, and it does not seem to be the solution anyway.


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