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Be careful, if this happens to you it will be cloned

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Many Italians will happen to find a cloned Postepay or credit card. Here’s how to find out and what to do in case of cloning

Postepay (photo from Facebook profile)

Every day many Italians fall victim to scams mainly related to cloning credit cards or Subsequent payment.

Postepay or credit card cloning can be done online or at an ATM. In both cases, the criminal is able to create a real copy of the card and steal the money as if it were his own.

But how do we know if our card is cloned? Let’s see it together.

Postepay reproduced? Here’s how to find out

Online shopping (Photo (Pixabay)

When the bank hands over a credit card or Swiss Post, the customer is given some of it Services and protection systems Such as SMS notification for payments Electronic devices, the key that generates one-time passwords to access the existing account as well as a user code and Password or PIN. It is clear that all this data should be kept confidential. You should then carefully and frequently check your account statement and movement list.

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If we find that our credit card is cloned, the first thing to do is Ban the card. To do this, simply search for your organization’s contacts and ask for help. The second step is to file a complaint against unknown persons, because it is also the basis on which the request for reimbursement of the bank is based.

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Carabinieri revealed some tips about safe shopping. The first tip is about online shopping: I do not advance data From your credit card over the phone. On the Internet, on the other hand, you have to make sure that the payment is protected by Adequate security system Comes l’SSL (Secure Socket Layer) e il SET (Secure Electronic Transaction).

Then, as mentioned, always check your account statement and list of transactions and pay close attention, especially if Small numbers disappear every time; Never lose sight of the person to whom you gave the card for a transaction and check that the point of sale used for “withdrawing” is no different from the usual.

Always regarding online purchases, you should always check that the Sales Representative Not only virtual, but also “fact”Verification of contacts, addresses of registered and administrative offices and regular registration in the Companies Register.

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