Home Economy Worth 50 thousand euros! Get ready to get rich

Worth 50 thousand euros! Get ready to get rich

Worth 50 thousand euros!  Get ready to get rich

It’s time to search everywhere! Ask your parents, uncles, and grandparents if they still have rare coins like this lira somewhere

pound value
Lier – Nanopress.it

But first we have to go back a few years… specifically in 1472 when the file pound Coined by the Republic of Venice in Italy. But only later, under the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy, did it become the official currency according to a bimetallic decimal system, in which two “standard” coins are in circulation: one gold and one silver.

Obviously, as we all know, the lira lost its value and was permanently expelled January 1, 2002From the entry into force of euro coins and banknotes.

Check if you have that old lira too!

In fact, for this very reason today, as many rare coins as some old lira coins can be worth a fortune!

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For all lovers of numismatics (a specialty that studies currency in all its aspects and not only, as well as various relationships with culture, art and economy) in particular, this coin can come at a cost of up to 50000 Euro.

This often happens because one of the characteristics that drives prices excessively is writing.”Experience“On one side of a coin. Indeed, when a country mints coins, some pieces are created precisely for the purpose of being ‘guides’ but can be traded in error and thus instantly gain a truly incredible value.”

5 liters of grapes
5 pounds of grapes – NanoPress.it

Specifically, we are talking about the 1946 lira which, as we have said before, can today reach very high figures, at least 50 thousand euros, since some experts have declared that if fewer and fewer pieces are found, the cost will quickly rise .

5 liters of grapes

We are talking about 5 pounds of grapes, scattered around the 1940s, where on one side we can clearly see the word “test”. Precisely for this reason, for the largest collectors, it is a very valuable piece.

So what are you waiting for? Run to look in drawers, cupboards, and cupboards, or maybe ask someone you know if they still have coins of this type.


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